One of the most awaited games, the visuals and heroes classes are excessively detailed, and this is adding the depth needed in the gameplay. Save Gaia from the crazy dragons using the Tales of Gaia cheats to obtain free resources instantly free!

Tales of Gaia was created and published by “Snail” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

From what we have experienced, the game is pretty much high on the graphics levels and it is advised to use a device that is considered a high end and with the Tales of Gaia cheats, you will overcome the gameplay troubles.

Quick Intro.

Before we dive any deeper into the gameplay components, we have to remind you that the game has just been released into its English version and it is available to be played globally. The servers are mainly located in the USA and they are still in the testing phase.

By completing the Tales of Gaia guide, you will end up knowing the full features of the game and realizing how exactly they do work in few minutes. So scroll down to learn more in this regard and get your internet connection ready for the action.

Get Started!

Choose a login option from the Gmail, Facebook and even logging as a guest. All of these three options are available for you to choose from and if you feel like that, you want to create an account related mainly to the snail servers, and then feel free to hit the sign up button.

Following our main Tales of Gaia tips list will help you mainly at the character creation phase. The game is offering four different classes and each one of them is packed up with certain pros and cons, that is what we will be revealing next.

Four Unique Heroes.

The heroes in the game are cool in every prospect and we have loved how the animation is working and looking like.

  • Human: he is a swords man, very high attack, silence and stealth’s are the main three roles. His features are coming in an increment of the physical damage, and high magical defense.
  • Titan: deals high Critical damage, sprints several times, and pulls the target close to you. Increases the damage dealt to monsters but also receive higher damage.
  • Elf: High critical, magical damage and magical defense penetration. These are the main three roles. This is the magician class in the game.
  • Dwarf: ranged attackers with high critical and physical defense penetration. We love this class if you are planning to be tactical.



Several Classes Available.

Each class in the game is offering you the ability to change the class depending on your preference; this will affect the roles of the hero. There will be another class coming up by reaching level 20. In addition, you can accelerate the leveling up process by using Tales of Gaia hack.

The next phase will be the avatar selection. There are six different avatars but we do not believe that they would do any difference.


The creator created Gaia and then gave it life. He divided Gaia into 9 areas, governed by 9 gods. The creator worried that the greed of the mortals might destroy Gaia, so he created the ancient dragons and sealed them in the moon with a staff.

The ancient dragons practiced their magic secretly. Finally, they smashed the staff and broke the seal. Aggressive ancient dragons began to invade the world suppress the weaker races violently. That was the moral of the story.

Stop The Dragons!

Someone must take the stand, pick up the Tales of Gaia hack, and stop the dragons from spreading chaos and destruction all over the world.

As the humans had no other place to retreat to, they ventured into the realm of gods for help. However, the creators banished the ancient dragons. However, this is not the end of the thrilling story.  As the creator granted divine power to the chosen warriors and asked them to confront the ancient dragons.

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