Become the might hero of your own kingdom. Take them from one glorious victory into another by tapping on screen repeatedly. If you are not a fan of the tapping games, then consider skipping out the game entirely. As it is totally based on tapping only and of course there will be many other features such as upgrading the gears and increasing the performance with a huge boost. We are not recommending anyone to enter the challenge without using the Tap Knight cheats service and getting things done.

Tap Knight was created and published by “PIXOWL INC” company and it is available to be downloaded and played decently on any Android or IOS platform out there.

The requirements to get the game running smoothly are very low. And this is considered to be an advantage for the owners of the low end devices. But still you can increase the graphics quality through the settings menu. Keep on reading to learn more about the game.

General intro.

Your journey begins with just a sword, but do not worry as you will find a lot of useful stuff later on. go young one, deliver your first devastating blow by tapping anywhere on the screen!

Your current and future fight will be displayed here at the top side of the screen. And there you can also find a small counter for the remaining monsters needed to be killed in order to proceed into the next phase. Complete reading the Tap Knight guide to become fully away of the game basics.

Main Goal.

You will be fighting out enemies from every corner and your main goal is to secure an easy victory as fast as possible. But the fact you should know, there are several types of foes will come at you to take you down asap.

The bosses will be usually waiting for you at the end of each stage, and you have to beat it out to proceed successfully into the next stage. Following our battle Tap Knight tips would be totally recommended at this situation to get you out in one piece.



Upgrade Your Skills and Become Stronger.

We need to increase your power. So the ideal place to do so is the upgrading section. Use the Tap Knight cheats so you would be able to afford most of these upgrades into your character.

Access the upgrade section from the bottom left corner of the screen. And you will find tons of skills over there, each one is responsible for a certain skill and improvement of your character. knowing exactly which skill should be upgraded to the maximum state is such an art.

If you are a fresh player, then upgrading the knight level to increase the damage output shall become your highest priority.

How to Improve Your Stats?

At first, you have to collect enough amount of coins to afford the upcoming upgrades. There are alternatives to get this mission done, and we will be illustrating them out for you and you will be choosing from.

Killing as many enemies as possible and destroying the bosses to earn higher rewards. But this will be taking a lot of time from you and you may not make it to the upgrade section in the right time.

The safest bet is to use Tap Knight hack. It will generate any number of diamonds and coins you desire. Which will result in helping your knight to reach the maximum upgradeable stage.

Worry No More About the Knight When You Are Away.

Thanks to the idle system that has been integrated into the gameplay. You do not have to worry so much about your progression state when you are away from the game.

Actually, everything will keep on working and progressing even when you are not playing the game but of course the progressing speed will be decreased and it would be much slower than ever. But you can boost up the speed with Tap Knight hack of course.

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