In a world where money appears from thin air, every country is fighting to become the richest and most powerful. Your country needs you to become a Tap Tycoon and lead it to victory!

This dream will never come to reality without the usage of Tap Tycoon cheats service, you must find out the most basic ways to find out a way to increase your diamonds stock. The developers of the famous tap titans game are actually the same creators of this game. so you must realize how the diamonds are going to become important in your challenge of becoming the best in a very short period of time.

Tap Tycoon was created and published by “Game Hive Corporation” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on any Android or IOS platform.

Very low device specifications are required to get it started. We are speaking about an android 4.0 version and up when it comes to IOS you only need IOS version 7. So this is a game that is focusing mainly on the gameplay and putting the graphics and visuals part aside.

Starting Scenes.

Start your challenge by picking up a decent name for your character, it must not contain any special characters and of course no swearing or cursing is allowed in this beautiful experience.

Reading our Tap Tycoon guide, could help out with clarifying the game basics, but that is still not enough to help you with reaching your target in the given meantime. But it could be considered as a boost.

Customize The Game Through a Very Well Designed Settings Menu.

Enter the options menu and you will be simply impressed with the amount of features becoming available for any user to simply access and customize the game to fully fit your needs and become user friendly. Following our Tap Tycoon tips at this part could be a smart thing to do in order to survive.

Turn on the music, sound and even the notifications with a single tap over their icons. You can actually toggle between enabling and disabling them like never before. That is something we have enjoyed about the game so far.



Gameplay Introduction.

Welcome to the world of Tap Tycoon. Start your enterprise and see how much your business can grow. Buy and upgrade businesses to get money faster, and then help out your fellow countrymen in war to gain greater bonuses. Start out by tapping for one dollar and see how far you can grow your business from there.

Of course the Tap Tycoon cheats can increase the profile and make your alliances much happier. But this time, you need to pay attention on how to win a battle because anything could happen anywhere and at any time.

A simple guide for the hard workers.

The gameplay skills or techniques are split into four different categories, and we will be speaking here briefly about them all. Even if you have understood every single move and how everything works here, you need to put the Tap Tycoon hack into consideration as we will need his help.

But first, let’s start by the tapping crime. Start the game of by tapping on the main screen, each tap will give you money, use it to build business and you get money faster.

These are the most well-known methods globally to increase the gold income for your business legally.

Top 3 Major Factors!

We have three major factors will be affecting the gameplay. The first one is the skills. There are face skills that you can unlock in the player menu. These will give you temporary boosts while playing. And they will cost you some diamonds as well, that is why the Tap Tycoon hack is needed at this part.

Rocket boy, the rocket man will periodically fly in to your world. tap him before he leaves to get bonuses in the form of money, diamonds and temporary bonuses. Followed up with the fat cat, which will come into your game after you reach 20t net worth.

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