Freya the old goddess has decided to rise up from the ashes, take over the control over the holy sword, and use the powers to destroy the entire world. That is when you are about to take control and gather the necessary heroes that will stand in front of this evil power.

The storyline will be covered with more details and instructions later on here, but for now, you might consider the Taptap Heroes cheats to be added into your daily routine to enjoy the paid features veryfree.

Taptap Heroes was created and published by “Ajoy Lab Games” company and it is available to be downloaded and played through the Android and IOS platforms.

The game is still on its beta form so you may experience some troubles playing the game and we are not totally recommending you to download it right away. However, if you have already downloaded it then you should be reading the following preview and become aware of the main principles.

The graphics quality is not that high and not that low at the same time, it is pretty much average and we have been enjoying the quality and effects of the depth in the field. The Taptap Heroes hack has also improved the experience a lot by unlocking the full set of features in the game so far.

Main Customizable Features.

At the first glance of starting the game, insure that your internet connection is active because there might be some small updates required to be installed. Meanwhile the update is being installed; there will be a preview of the available in game characters to teach you the necessary information about them and the history behind each main character.

The Taptap Heroes guide that we have created will help you in this regard and we will try to cover them up in case you have missed them up and did not have enough time to read about the full characters.

On the top right corner, you can access three main features of the game; the first one is the login user ID and password for your own account. The second feature will show you the changeling of the latest updates and if there is, something to be announced will appear in this small notice box.

If you have encountered any problem, then the restore mode will recover all the corrupted files, take you back to the start at the default mode, and fix the errors. Only use this at the critical moments.



Gameplay Tutorial.

All right! To refresh your memory then you had better watch the tutorial at the beginning in order to learn the moves and gameplay techniques in general.

Do not skip our list of Taptap Heroes tips as they were gathered after several hours of the playtime in the game. First, you need some heroes to fight for your own side and that is when we will start to gather the team that will stand in the face of Freya!

Entering the castle and opening hero chests will help you to unlock new heroes frequently. However, it is following a certain system, each chest will contain a set number of heroes, and the cost will be there of course!

Getting some unique heroes will require from you to spend many diamonds and coins and this amount will be usually out of your reach so spending with your real money is going to become your only solution. That is when the Taptap Heroes cheats will come to the light save your day by offering you to have any number of coins and energy points to unlock them chests.

How to Get New Heroes?

The first few chests will come free and that is only for the first time and do not get used to it. Later on, the silver keys will be require to unlock the common chests. Do not expect things to go on your way by any means as these common chests will get you the weakest heroes on the list and they will not be able to get you into some advanced stages.

You can get heroes that are more powerful from goldenchests; they have three, four or five stars. To open them you will need golden keys or gems. Do not forget to claim your own free golden chest at the start of the game. It is only available for a very limited time.

Now as you have managed to gather some heroes to begin the journey with, do not forget to use your heroes in battle and find out how good they are. In addition, there is no better place to test a hero than the battlefield and real world action.

On the next segment, we will speak about setting up formations and customizing the controls during the battle sequence. The Taptap Heroes hack will also give you the upper hand over your opponents due to its high income of gems.



Use Your Mind to find the optimal Formation.

As soon as the battle begins, you must prepare yourself for the battle and set up a formation that will put you on the track of winnings. Choose your heroes that are ready and fit for the combat and remember that each hero that you own has his own pros and cons.

Come over the cons with the Taptap Heroes cheats and try to always keep the ability levels of your heroes always to be on the top rating so they would fit into any kind of formation.

Heroes fight by themselves and for every kill they will get, that means your experience points will keep on increasing. Maybe that is another reason for you to pick up the strongest heroes.

Interfere only when you start to notice that you are about to lose the battle. Tapping on the screen will allow the minion to attack and deal massive damage. Otherwise, your heroes will be the only thing that is fighting for you on the ground.

Utilizing the Taptap Heroes hack is such an impressive move and will save you a lot of time and effort that is about to be wasted.

Prepare Yourself For Amazing Boss Fights!

At the end of each challenge there will be a huge boss fight waiting for you to put your abilities and powers into test. However, you are the one whom will be enabling it and you must ready the enemy information carefully to know the rewards you are getting from eliminating it and also the main pros and cons.

We do understand that the rewards are not considered to mean anything to you by using the Taptap Heroes cheats, but it is still something that could boost up your performance by a little bit so far.

Minions will not join the battles until your level is high enough and unlocking the feature of having a minion by your side. If you are getting bored, then increase the fight simulation speed by tapping on the x2 button on the bottom list.

Enhance your winning chances a lot by going through the golden chests and receiving them unlimited number of gems using Taptap Heroes hack. Click on the link above to see it happening…

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