TEST of Injustice 2: Are the gods still among us?

After being rather excited at the preview , I had the opportunity to test Injustice 2 more extensively on a PS4 release. While the title has just landed in all good videogame shops of the world, so is this fighting game featuring heroes and villains of DC alternate history universe? Is it up to the other production studios Netherrealm  ?

Since its inception on the still smoldering ashes of Midway , after a “fatality” type of bankruptcy and was bought by Warner Bros. , the studio Netherrealm, led by its creative director Ed Boon, has accustomed us to get a good title both years. With the reboot of Mortal Kombat first, and later named X and XL in its “super turbo diesel” version, which gave the series its true pedigree coupled with access to the most prestigious tournaments planet. All from gameplay cooked with onions, in contrast to the relative lack of subtlety of the first games … But between these two episodes, one day of April 2013, Injustice made his entrance on the front of the stage, posing as the genuine offspring of inheritance and Midway remains, including one of the latest fighting games was, coincidentally, a collaboration with Warner Bros Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe .

If the narrative laid the bases and playability current Netherrealm titles is truly with Mortal Kombat 9 and the first Injustice , the formula started making recipe. And given the critical reception, but also commercial, founder of the episode of the series, it is not surprising to see the arrival today this second part the shelves. The launch window is rather tight among fans fight, while the best days of the year 2017 are looming: no fewer than four big releases will take place between late May and early June: Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2 , Street Fighter 2 Version Switch , Tekken 7 and therefore this Injustice 2 Cheats  (and also, to a lesser extent, the PC port of KOF XIV  !). What to choose among all these titles? Which will be the fighting game of the summer? This is what we will try to answer in a small marathon fighting game testing within fifteen days coming …


Injustice for all

One very strong point of injustice , is history. The first took as its starting point a more than interesting premise: in an alternate reality, the Joker Superman wrong with delusional gas concocted based Kryptonite, and it kills Lois Lane while he believed fight against Doomsday. Enraged, Clark Kent then kills the Joker and decides to become the new world order, power, respect, even becoming a dictator. The worst nightmare of humanity has arrived: the savior of the world became his jailer … Inevitably, resistance is formed, with Batman to his head. Then follows a clash loggerheads, where the two biggest DC heroes will fight a war without thank you, each with his followers, based moult betrayals and twists. Once is not custom for vdeo game, history showed interesting although it was adapted for comic-book form of prequel! The second episode of the series is the direct result of these events, and even returned a little back to show us the arrest of Superman Batman, caging her in a red sun of prison and make an inventory global civilization that goes back several years just under the yoke of his Kryptonian dictator.

But a little routine investigation of members of the Justice League goes quickly to the arrival on earth of a light interstellar threat: Brainiac, a superior being responsible for the destruction of Krypton, and who now wants to Earth. How Batman and his faithful teammate Harley Quinn (yes) will they do to counter this new threat from another world? Will they call for help their old friend turned foe? Superman he changed? These are the questions that  Injustice 2 will respond in its story mode. But we must admit that this episode is less surprising and thrilling as its predecessor. The narrative adopted is always the same, namely alternating cutscenes and battles (at number 76), and it will take you about five hours to see the end. If both ends are available (Batman or Superman), it will remake much of the story mode by choosing other fighters to visualize different conclusion. Most will quickly hurry to go watch it on Youtube, and it is a shame not to have left available immediately after the first … Especially since the game does not offer this story and should hold spellbound more players with his only story mode.


Enter Batman

Indeed, solo, we served. In addition to the history so we have a tutorial that teaches the basics and some tips for each of 28 characters (as combo challenges), a very basic but effective training, and a versus against the game’s AI . But it is mainly the “Multiverse” mode that shows the most interesting. In addition to its Arcade mode, which unlocks a short cutscene ending by character, you will be dealing with several challenges renewed over time, against adversaries increasingly tough and even bosses to excessive powers. To help you in your quest, the game adopts an RPG aspect in which your characters will level up to win in life, attack, defense and special. But that’s not all, as the battle, you will unlock new equipment that will allow you to increase the advantage of these features, but also some special abilities like damage bonuses or experience, by threading them if you have the required level.

There or the game would have it, is that each of these rooms has its own aesthetics! If many of them are similar and will only change on small details, two or three senior families, low, faces and jackets are available for each character. And with ten color choices available within a few hours of play, you’ll need to make your favorite look for your hero / villain. However, the acquisition of these pieces is randomly through boxes of rewards you unlock by completing challenges. Although the game takes into account your most used characters, and you refile priority of the stuff that is for them, Multiverse, your hero will often look like anything, since the statistical aspect comes before aesthetics. And with some color choices, we sometimes came close to disaster! But if one might regret the lack of custom stickers that would preview your selection, the set is rather fun, and we’ll have a good time to change the look of our favorite heroes.


Ryde the Harley Quinn

Little downside: in modes of local Versus, Player 2 will not have access to customizations made by the owner of the game still will be accessible in a Tournament mode, for eSports without pause and with. all characters placed immediately at level 20 with the same equipment. On the side of online features, again, it is served. In addition to traditional classified matches and friendly matches, there is a function room in which several friends can meet and engage in combat without thank you. Of course, rankings and replay functions are of course available. The netcode appears quite convincing, but suffers from some lag when connecting your opponent is cardboard. We also find there a guild system, different enough from that of Mortal Kombat XL , or up to 50 players can participate by conducting daily challenges, but also calling for help for his team to fight overpowering boss of the multiverse mode. Always interesting to gather in extra loot boxes. Like the asynchronous multiplayer, which will allow you to choose your three strongest fighter for the fight against those of another player combat resolution is done via the AI. In addition to its customization features and his solo modes Injustice 2 also shows very complete in terms of online features. All you can expect from a modern fighting game.

Especially since the gameplay portion also very neat. You have for each character three basic attacks and a unique special ability. It will then attempt to place the most devastating combos in “canceling” some of your shot to finish on a devastating attack. Even if one chooses to place in “EX” in exchange for a special gauge to worse. Achieving these shots is made with a very tight schedule, leaving no room for error, which can prove quite frustrating sometimes, if one is not fast enough. The juggle is always very important, and if you calculate well your timing, you can truly learn devastating combos. Your opponent will then have no choice and will launch its shock with which he can sacrifice his special bar to try to regain some life. You will have plenty of opportunities to spend your special other than with the ultimate blow, and we quickly took the game to the strategic side that it brings. This famous final shot, he follows the same logic as in Mortal Kombat X . With one touch on both triggers, you will trigger the Apocalypse on Earth in a super dynamic animation where your virtual avatar will flank the beating of his life to his enemy. The cinematics are all original and quite violent, even if we admit that they are somewhat long and repetitive in the end … The arenas are not left out, with still multitudes of objects to wander happily send to other end of the map , but also very spectacular transitions, in which the victim will be powered through the walls of the decor to land in another room nearby. Warning: probably for staging issues, this function is not present in Story Mode.


The Swamp Thing that should not be

I confess to not being a fan of the ultra Netherrealm gameplay, a little too hard for my taste, but it must be said, this Injustice 2  is full of subtleties, too numerous to be described here. All shows in any case quite accessible to the neophyte who can find there immediate pleasure, but also for the seasoned player who will work hard to master all the subtleties. Success, in the image of what we offer Dads Mortal Kombat recent years. For everything related to the technical part, the game also shows convincing, with a clear graphic evolution from the previous episode. Some female faces to show particularly attractive, which is not the case of the entire roster, with some coarse casting errors, Catwoman and Bruce Wayne in the lead, who seem to have modeled summers big shots later. The set shows still relatively pleasant to the retina and filled with beautiful colors, although it should be noted the presence of a fairly pronounced aliasing on PS4 copy we tested. In terms of voice acting, the French version is very uneven: some heroes keep their usual voice (Batman, Harley Quinn …), but others are not, and choices are often very surprising and do not stick at all (Superman , the Joker…). We can also regret the DLC program already in place, with Darkseid paying for a used purchase, and no less than 9 additional fighters planned, which offers this Injustice 2 pretty status “kit at stake.”