Tiny Gladiators 2 was created and published via “BoomBit Games” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on almost every Android and IOS platform.

This game is different from its competitors; it has a unique style, as your skills will play a major role in the arena. Most of the games in the market now are not relaying much on your fighting skills, they just tend to be more user friendly in a way that kills the challenging part of the game.

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It is a fast-paced action game, with tons of characters and classes to play with. The game has in app purchases, but you can forget about it this feature and start using Tiny Gladiators 2 cheats as a free alternative.


Your Hp bar will be located on the top left corner and on the opposite side; you can see the opponent health bar. When the battle begins, you can start that after each attack, you will lose health points and that is when you will have to follow the Tiny Gladiators 2 tips we are providing.

The controls are very simple, moving to right or left could be done at the bottom left corner. On the other hand, you can jump and attack.

There will be two icons to execute an attacking skill. Those skills will change according to your level.

  • Keep tapping on the attack button for faster melee attacks.
  • Jump in the air to apply a new combo
  • Move back to dodge the incoming attacks
  • Know exactly when to go forward against the enemy.

By reaching this point, we do believe that you have learnt all the basics, now you will learn how to use each character in the combat.

Enter the battle arena to test out the available characters and remember to have the Tiny Gladiators 2 cheats by your side to provide the continuous assistance.



Battle Arena

The battle arena is the place that will take you through the missions and career path. You can also access the clan battles but it will be available after you finish the training.

The time has come to show the world the mighty sword. Before the battle begins, you can check the rewards ad know exactly the enemy team attacking power.

Knowing exactly how your enemy is going to attack you is going to give you the chance to pick the right hero to counter him.

  • For example: you are going to fight against an archer, then you need something with high defense and speed to reach the archer and force him to fight you in a melee combat, where the archer fails.

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Chests will usually contain gears and gold coins. Tap on the item to read the description and know exactly whether it is the right item for you or not.

Key Features

The mages will use their fireballs and melt the steel of your sword, so you must make sure that you are close enough to them and prevent them from attacking you by using the most defensive skills.

You are limited to get only 10 chests, so the Tiny Gladiators 2 cheats could help you with giving the extra hand to improve your income.

Chests will also take a certain amount of time until they become unlockable. Since there are several types of chests, the regular ones will only consume 30 minutes and you can receive a notification once the chest is ready to be opened.

If you are in hurry and do not want to wait for the chest, then you can speed it up by spending a diamond. Those diamonds are obtained from the in-game shop or through Tiny Gladiators 2 hack.

Managing your inventory is one of the keys to success. So remember to keep it fixed and sorted out. Find the necessary items and place them all together to have an easy access to them later on.

You can also upgrade your gears from the inventory section, seeing their stats go much higher and improve your character overall powers.

Tiny Gladiators 2 hack will help you with providing you with the necessary gears; it is a very important stone to be added into your kingdom.



Customize Your Game with One Tap

Entering the settings menu from the top right corner, you may increase or decrease the music and sounds. In addition, there is an option to login with the Facebook account of yours.

Here are the benefits of connecting your Facebook account to the game.

  • Share your records
  • Save your progression
  • Link the game on more than a single device
  • Compare your records with your friends
  • Inviting your friends with a single tap

Those were the main benefits. Now, we have to remind you with Tiny Gladiators 2 cheats importance, as you will come by the “redeem Code” feature. This is something you should remember at the current moment.

You can contact the support team if you have ever encountered any issue.

The game visuals are very interesting and smooth; you will not notice and glitches or shattering. The game will still work on several devices as the requirements are not very high, so this will shall please more players from the gaming community.

Quick Reminder: claim your daily reward as it comes in a form of chests. It shall increase your resources and of course, you cannot use it an alternative to the Tiny Gladiators 2 cheats.

Final Verdict

You will not be able to advance through the next mission unless you complete the previous ones.

Use your bow and arrow to keep your enemy at distance and that is how the archer build works. In addition, you must jump in the air and throw out your arrow to hit the head for the maximum damage. Thesis the technique you must practice in order to dominate your battles.

The archer requires a lot of attention from your side, so we are suggesting you to get Tiny Gladiators 2 cheats in order to have all your gears upgraded to their maximum potential.

In order to unlock new outfits, you have to collect all the skin parts of the heroes. You can get them through the store, boxes or the Tiny Gladiators 2 hack. All of these three options will help you I obtaining new outfits for the heroes.

You can being with playing in the arena and unlocking new lands before thinking of the outfits. The missions in the arena will teach you the principles of the game.

Our conclusion is: the game is fun and it is not addictive due to the lack of the main storyline but you will still enjoy playing it at your spare time and test out some battles. Specially, when you join a clan alongside your friends that is when the fun will reach its maximum potetnail.

The Tiny Gladiators 2 hack shall play a very crucial part, as the items in the app are very expensive, so we are recommending you to use it.

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