By using the Tour de France cheats, you can get infinite gold coins enough to make huge upgrades to your bike.

Tour de France is released on 5 July 2017, as the game was created and developed by Play Soft.

Tour de France is now available free to download on all the Apple device through the App Store from IOS 8.0 and higher, as the game is also available on the Google Play for all the Android devices starting from firmware of 4.0.3 and higher, however there are in game purchases that you can buy gold coins, but you can get them free using the Tour de France cheats.


Take part in the Tour de France!

The first thing you will need to do after getting Tour de France, is to explore the menu before starting to race, as the first section is the Tour, if you tap the Tour button which is located at the top right corner of your device’s screen, and it was the first time playing the game, the Tour de France guide will tell you that you have not taken any part in the training that teaches you how to control your rider, so are you sure to start a new game?!

The Tour de France tips will advise you to tap No, in order to learn the basics of Tour de France for better and also quicker learning.


Control one of the twenty two teams, and earn experience points.

Your main goal is to do and complete your mission, so focus on them before entering a new race to know what you are going to focus, as the first race you will be asked to finish in the first five general classification, and remember that the experience points can be doubled at the end of the race.

Use the Tour de France cheats to get powerful bikes to win easily.


Try to begin with the Solo Mode first.

you will have to choose wither you prefer to play solo which allow you to play alone against the other teams, or Co-op from this section you can play ass a duo on a split screen with your friends and family with the same team, however the trophies can be only unlocked for the player number one, or Versus which allow you to play as a duo on a split screen like the Co-op but with different teams as the trophies can not be unlocked in Versus Mode.



Choose your suitable difficulty!

After choosing the mode, you will have to choose your difficulty.

The first difficulty is the Amateur which is really aimed the beginners and cycling novices, as it is possible to win with almost all outsiders, then comes the Professional which is a default difficulty that will suit most of the players, then there is the Champion if you are very good at the racing games, so you will find yourself there, if you complete the Champion difficulty, a new one will appear to play, which is the Legend, so prepare yourself for that.



Play the first tournament then the next by the game order and do not jump to the last one.

There are six different tournaments here in Tour de France which contain twenty one stages, nine of them flat, four of them are hills, six of them mountains and two time trials, then the first one is called Tour de France 2017, then the next one is Tour de France 2016 but you have to reach level three in order to unlock it, then there is Criterium Du Dauphine, and after that there is the Circuit Des Grimpeurs, and you have to be level three to play it too, then there is the Triptyque Tour.



Use the Tour de France hack, to get new bike and recruit your favorite riders.

If you like and prefer to play racing games more than football and the ordinary action games, Tour de France is your solution as it is well designed game that will take you far away, and do not remember to get the Tour de France hack to get all the gold coins that you will need through your game progress.



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