The Tsuki Adventure game is classic and it does not contain them fancy graphics and visuals. It is mainly based on the simple UI and the peaceful storyline events.

Your main target in the game is to create your own toy collection. It is mentioned down below on how to gather those toys in no time. The Tsuki cheats will be playing a vital role in this mission.

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It is that kind of games that will give you positive vibes and chills during the gameplay. In addition, it will not consume that much amount of battery or resources on your device. A simple game can follow you anywhere you go.

Tsuki is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms. It was created and published via “HyperBeard” company.


Quick Intro

If you are enjoying Tsuki, then it could be a nice idea to give it a decent rating at the store. It will boost the downloads rate and give a confidence tip for the developers to improve the game and make it even better.

Receiving your daily rewards should become a routine. The reward will keep on increasing as the days pass. Of course, you cannot consider it as an alternative to the Tsuki cheats, but it is still a decent feature.

At the start of the game, you will receive random Entries. The first thing we got is the New Diary Entry, beast meal of the day.

Of course, it is the ramen made by Bobo is the best ever! The carrots melt instantly it in my mouth. You can choose either to share this note to your social media or to your friends directly. Alternatively, simply skip this part and continue.

On the top left corner, you can see a list that is full of the useful information and tools. We will provide you with the necessary Tsuki tips to help you to have a full knowledge about the game.



Great Features Packed Inside

Drag the list from the top corner of the screen to access four great features. We will cover them in details down below…

  • Options: you can increase/Decrease the Music and SFX levels. Also changing the playable language from English as a default to another seven languages. Finally yet importantly, the notifications, you can choose to either keep it enabled or simply turn it off.
  • Safe: if you have a promo code, then simply enter it to receive the free carrots you were promised. The Tsuki cheats will work as an alternative for providing you as a player with the carrots.
  • Diary: you can read all the stories of the game, there will always a new diary of the events happened to you recently. We will try to cover this part with more details over here.
  • Items: accessing your inventory to see what items you have collected so far could be done through this list.
  • Toys: GACHAPON TOYS, there are tons of toys in this game are waiting for you to unlock them. It will take time, but you can boost up the waiting periods by activating Tsuki hack instantly.

Now, we have covered the main parts of the functioning features list. We will be moving on the next segment to gameplay contents.

How To Play?

Moving around the different places could be done by swiping on the screen towards the right side or the left side. It is depending on your destination. However, there are no other directions you can head to.

Track the amount of carrots you are having now from the top right corner. Increase it rapidly via Tsuki cheats service without having to pay a single penny!

The carrots are controlling everything in the game so far. Therefore, without them you will not be able to purchase anything or perform any task. You must prioritize the importance of collecting carrots.

The map is big and you will face several struggles to know exactly your next destination. You can know exactly your next step by checking on the highlighted stores on the map.

You can unlock new toys by purchasing the tickets from the store after using Tsuki hack and simply turn back to the toys machine and start to try out your luck and see which toy you will be rewarded with.



My Diary!

Will only talk about the most important parts of the dairies, but you will get the main idea behind them with the few examples we have here.

  • Best Cup Of tea!

This is the best cup of tea I have ever made. Carrot match Tea! The carrot enhanced the taste of the tea making it a perfect combination sweet!

  • A New Life

I just moved into the old tree house at mushroom village. This marks a new beginning for me. I hope I do not mess this up after what happened previously. In addition, the Tsuki hack will help you with making this new life much better.

  • Carrot

That is Mr. Carrot. My favorite toy when I was young. Unfortunately. I do not know where it is anymore. I hope that one day I can find it.

  • The day I was born

This is I. Just a few hours old. You have to admit am suppeer cute as a baby!

By reading the previous parts, you can create your own view of the game and understand its main storyline path. In addition, as you are progressing forward through the different parts of the game, you can learn more about the game.


Do Not Forget To Collect Your Resources

Checking on the carrots farm at the right side of the map to see whether there are new carrots to be collected or not. You can see a countdown to the next corpse to be collected.

Getting the Tsuki cheats will help you with purchasing the golden ticket; it is a ticket that will simply take you the main city where all the animals unite.

  • Golden Ticket: it is expensive, so you have three options now to get it As soon as possible. First, one is to purchase the in game carrots. Second option is to use the Tsuki hack. Third option is to wait for several hours and keep on collecting the carrots from the field until you get 1000 carrots and purchase it successfully.

Right now, we have to skip ahead towards the diaries part of the game and give you a detailed information about them. Reading the diaries will help you with understanding the story of the game and know exactly the reason behind anything you are doing so far.

A quick note: do not forget to try the Tsuki hack to have them extra free carrots.

  • Final Verdict

Only download the game if you are looking for a peaceful and collecting adventurous game. The pace of the game is slow and simple.

It will not consume your device battery, so that is an advantage.

You will need to use the Tsuki cheats to have enough carrots in order to interact with the different features inside.

Sharing your progression is a decent feature we have enjoyed it.

Simple, not addictive and will relax your soul.

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