Tsuki was created and published by “HyperBeard” company and it is available to be downloaded on the IOS and Android devices.

The main is story is based on a character that is living a very stressed life, a thankless boss. However, at one point everything has changed upside down. There are several activities can be done in the game, so you can consider it as multiple games in one, which will increase the fun levels.

There are in-game purchases, but you can ignore it by putting your hands on Tsuki hack service. It will flood your account with carrots and extras.

Gameplay Overview.

Dear Player, Tsuki is a passive adventure game. If you check in on Tsuki often, you just might catch Tsuki doing something new! Remember to buy items, so Tsuki doing something new.

Remember to buy items, so Tsuki can do more activities. In addition, do not forget to take your time and relax. We hope you enjoy this game as much as we enjoyed making it.

It is advised to skip the introduction of the game, as it will not affect anything in the gameplay. By the time, you receive this letter, I might have moved to a very peaceful. Place already. You must be doing well in town. Looking at all the beautiful pictures, you mailed over. If you are tired of the busy life, you could always drop by the old tree hours and little carrot farm. It will be yours from now onwards.

Meet, Mori.

It has been such a long time; you rarely get any visitors here in the mushroom village. Mori is going to help you to learn exactly how to work the carrot farm. When your carrots are ready to be harvested. Tap it! Tapping a carrot is hard work, but I am sure a young healthy bunny like you can do it.

Yori is running the knickknack shop in the village center. In fact, you can actually visit him in his store. Remember that Tsuki cheats will improve the quality of gameplay you are doing.

Purchase Whatever You Want Free With Tsuki Hack!

Yori is recommending you to buy the ocean hunter. You can catch all kinds of fish with it. The first item we got here is Rubber Duckling comes with a bathtub. Cup Noodle is the best supper ever. Ocean Hunter is the ocean of fishes. None can escape the legendary Ocean Hunter.

Tsuki Cheats will increase your stock of carrots without any extra fees. Snatch this opportunity to progress up in the game faster.

Improve Your Fishing Skill With Tsuki.

Congratulations, you have just purchased a fishing rod, Tuski will use items that you own randomly, Some only at certain times of the day so be sure to check in often.

Any items you buy will be placed in your backpack. Oh, by the way. There is this new toy machine over there that the youngsters have been going crazy over. You can give it a spin sometime if you like…and follow our Tsuki tips for further improvements.

Tsuki Is Not Your Pet!

Tsuki will be going about his day on his own. You can buy items and check in on him at different times of day to see what he is doing…receive your daily rewards to increase your resources. Also using the Tsuki cheats will work as a main supplier for your journey.

A New Life.

You have just moved into the old tree house at mushroom village. This marks a new beginning for you; I hope you do not mess this up.

Enter the options menu to change the music and SFX levels. Also turning the notifications off could help you to have a peaceful life while you are using the device.

Enter a promo code to purchase carrots for lower price, or you can use the Tsuki hack to get them carrots instantly without any limitations.

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