Jump into the skies and take your chances to join the heroes into one of the most realistic simulation to the WWII, get the War Wings hack, cheats, tips and guide ready in order to find the right resources that will keep you alive from now on.

War Wings was created and published by “Miniclip.com” company and it is considered to be one of the greatest gaming companies in the field. Remember to download the game for free on any device that is running the Android or IOS software.

Quick Intro.

We will skip the storyline part that we usually begin with here, as the game events are taking place back in the world war II, and everything is way too old and cranky so let’s head directly into the gameplay and try to give the readers as much information they would need about the types of warplanes and how to pick up the most suitable one for their journey in the game so far.

Actually, we have to mention that the game is giving you complete freedom to customize and modify your own warplane the way you want, starting from changing the paint colors of the wings, even the fan color could be changed, but still you have to run around certain colors in order not to get confused with the enemy aircrafts, and do not forget the alliance logo, this is going to save you through several battles.

So in our experience here, we shall be talking in depth about the Spitfire MK and explain to you, why you should be considering to pick it up as a daily usage.



Learn The Difference Between the Warplanes.

Each warplane will have the main attributes which could be simply upgraded and improved at any moment of the game once you get enough funds and reach the necessary level as well, but you should know which attributes you will need to focus your spending on, this will get you to reach the optimal state in very limited period of time.

It is advised to read the next segment in case you were looking for an explanation to the warplanes attributes and which role are they playing in your journey.

Your Guide to Pick Up the Right Warplane.

As we have mentioned earlier, so let’s stop wasting time and head right into the list.

Speed: it is very obvious, this is the maximum speed that your warplane could reach, the faster you are, the higher your chances of surviving through the battle.

Maneuverability: changing your directions in the air, trying to take down an opponent but things are getting out of your way, so you need to start changing your direction in different random ways in order to find an optimal vision over the enemy target, then you should invest in this section.

Firepower: some enemies will go down after one hit, others will not. That is why investing into the firepower of your warplane is such a crucial thing, try to always to keep it at its maximum potential level.

Ground attack: you may get what you want from the previous upgrades but nothing will ever replace the ground attack power, this is very sestina at the most parts of the missions, since you have to take out targets on the ground, and this will come into assists.

Final Words.

Play in several available playable modes, you can choose the multiplayer if you have a decent internet connection and ready to face players from all over the world, this is going to become your optimal choice. On the other hand, there is a boot camp to test out your flying skills, maybe even work more on upgrading certain part of your skills.

The daily challenge is still an available option to keep yourself under a hardcore challenge and still receive high rewards in return, of course the War Wings hack, cheats, tips and guide will simply surpass any sort of reward you could possibly receive, but we are assuming that it would be enough.



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