A new idea of an RPG mobile game that will take you through tons of combat modes and the battle system itself is based on a real time. Go through the available modes and try to find your optimal one from a big list of options.

Do not forget to use the 2047 Covenant cheats to unlock the full features in the game and experience something beyond your imaginations.

2047 Covenant was created and published by”Starpy Network Technology Limited” company and it is available to be used and downloaded on Android and IOS platforms.

Very weird game in terms of graphics, and we have enjoyed every moment of it as the characters are coming in a very stylish way. Their outfit is cool and you will find it a new experience when it is compared with other games.

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Get Started!

We will skip anything not related to the main gameplay section at our 2047 Covenant guide and head directly to focus more into the contents that will work on making you a much stronger player in almost every prospect.

The game is simple but it will take quite few months from you to get ready and progress forward to become someone capable of succeeding and achieving some great results without a doubt.

There are three classes available to choose from, we will take them in depth at the next segment. Read it if you are interested only.

Three Amazing Classes Available.

The three classes are covering almost every RPG and they did not manage to miss out any important role behind that is a very big thing to consider, as it will make the gameplay much better.

Warrior: very solid in the melee battles and can tank a lot of damage without blinking an eye.

Archer: the masters of the ranged battles but average when it comes to melee battles. They tend to shine mainly on the ranged combats.

Mage: become a mage and start playing around with the magical spells and use the environment for your sake to achieve something new. Following our 2047 Covenant tips will come in handy with this class.



Stunning Attacking Animations.

There are only two genders available at the game, and we do believe that you will not need anything more than the two genders. Press on the next button once you are done with selecting your favorite class.

You can also watch the preview of the attacking skills of the class you have picked to know the type of the attacking style and how it will interact with the real battles.

Feel Free To Customize Your Character.

The second move is to customize the character. The game has offered the players tons of customizable parts. You are simply handling even the slightest detail in the face of the character and making it to look perfect as much as possible.

Remember that gems can be upgraded by swallowing other gems or crystal. After upgrade, the gem will be shinier! Get more gems through the 2047 Covenant cheats right away.

Advance up in the levels to unlock new features and start playing around with them. This is the only known way to get the features unlocked.

Final Conclusion.

You can always adjust the picture quality in the settings! In the low quality picture will hide some players and NPC, and the game will run smoother!

This is a great feature we have discovered whilst playing around with the settings menu and we have figured out that it could be a very decent idea. The 2047 Covenant hack will also help with it comes to the gems and spending’s overall.

Move around and follow your missions, do not get distracted with the useless side quests or creatures. Focus on achieving the goals and receiving rewards and experience points.

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