At first before stepping into the game, you must be knowing exactly what are the Invizimals!

They are scary and invisible creatures they were living on the earth long time ago, the hunters of these creatures used their mobile devise to locate them and capture them out.

They have used these creatures for their own purposes such as battles and combats, so the creatures started to grow up and become stronger as the time passes.

Start joining the hunter’s alliance and search for the Invizimals to add them to your team, get yourself equipped with the Invizimals cheats so you would be able to unlock the full version of the game and enjoy all the feature so the game without having to pay anything.

The game was created by the most famous and world known company “PlayStation Mobile INC” and it is available to be downloaded on IOS and Android Devices for free.

Game Introduction.

This segment shall be based around your first mission of the game and also learning the game basics to be able to progress further in the game on your own, so keep reading the Invizimals guide we are providing to our readers at the website here for free.

Keni will be your main assistant at this journey, he is going to teach you the hunting basics. Now let’s teach your new Invizimal new moves and controls in order to become loyal to you and listen to your orders in combats, start tapping anywhere in the arena to ask him to move into this desired location.

Once he starts to follow your orders at the arena this means a good sign, but you need to make sure that he is going to follow your orders in the battles, and now we shall be proceeding into another whole part which is the combats and how to react there.

Hiro Shall Be Teaching You the Combat Tricks.

A new character shall be appearing into the game now, he is called Hiro.

He is a renowned Invizimal hunter all over the world, he is going to show you how to battle with the monsters you got.

In order to perform an attack, make sure you are tapping on the big attack button located at the right corner at the bottom of the screen. You can be also finding some extra Invizimals tips located all over the article for free.

New Unique Turn Based Gamed.

This is a turn based game in a unique way not the regular ones, so once the opponent gets his turn to attack, you will get the chance to dodge the incoming damage or even block it, and now let’s try to launch a secondary attack, do not take long or you will lose your turn since there is a timer located over there to make the game balanced and test your quick reactions to the different situations, just remember that Invizimals cheats will unlock the rest features of the game.


Use The Booster Bar for higher Damage.

As we have mentioned above the need for launching of a secondary attack increases as the battle gets tougher and stronger, now click on the icon located at the right side corner of the screen, and as a free tip, make sure you are using the boost bar to deal much higher damage to eliminate your opponent.


Unlock All the Game Features for Free Via the Invizimals Hack!

The game has many locked features that you will never be able to enjoy or access unless you purchase the full version of the game and as we know not many people can afford to purchase the game and yet they want to enjoy these features and storyline.

That is why the Invizimals hack existed at the first place, it is going to be your super hero at the game!

As it will be unlocking every part of the game and allowing you access the paid sections of the game without paying a single penny.


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