60 Seconds Hero was created and published by “AndromedaGames” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

Idle RPG that has a decent storyline. The earth has been destroyed, but the time goddess was there to give you another chance to save the planet. Use the 60 Seconds Hero cheats to get diamonds and honors coins to save the world!

Get Started

There are no unnecessary introductions at the game, you will begin the journey by entering a nick name for your hero. Remember to read our full 60 Seconds Hero review to learn the main features and cover the basics of the gameplay.

The name should be small and easily recognizable to be remembered among the other players. Prepare yourself to meet the time goddess as she can control the time and take you backward and forward.

  • You will begin all over again, and it seems that you have been on a very decent stage but she decided to take you all way to the start.

To pay your knights, you will have to start making money again. So visiting the city will guarantee you an easy job. It will grant you 5 gold every 5 seconds, we are speaking here about the job in the city.

How To Generate Coins?

The longer you last at the city job, the more coins you will be generating. Also, we have to remind you with the 60 Seconds Hero cheats and how it will flood your account with gold coins.

There are several usages for the coins, you can start upgrading your job to earn more, as you are obligated to pay your taxes to the city.

  • Piggy bank will be charged once every 10 minutes. Gold production 80 times for each use (can be saved up to 15 times)

15 counts until level 15, and then max +1 with every new level up to 300+.

You should not face any problems breaking the piggy bank, it was created originally to help you throughout the game and the same can be said about 60 Seconds Hero hack.



Manage Your Knights

Knight age menu will contain all your mighty knights, they will be resting and waiting for your orders.

  • You can level up to strengthen your knights until rebirth, upgrade to make their powers persist through Rebirth, and rank up to further prove your knights with their soul stones.

Upgrading them will not come as easy as you are expecting, so the 60 Seconds Hero hack could be the right move to cover up all the spending and even summon new knights to the list.

Summon New Knights Using 60 Seconds Hero Cheats!

When it comes to summoning knights, you must know that you can summon the spirits of various knights. If you like them, you can recruit them by using Diamonds or Medals, which you can find through Rebirth.

Let me give you a reward: a 5-star knight! I have sent it to your inbox. Please check and recruit the knight.

Oh right- you can perform Rebirth any time after stage 50 and get medals and Cores. You should take advantage of it as often as you can.

General Tips

Completing the tutorial in the game shall reward you with the sphinx knight and 1000 diamonds. Do not waste your diamonds, if you are not going to use the 60 Seconds Hero hack.

  • It is not an easy thing to get diamonds in the game, and you have to work hard for it.
  • The inbox is where your item rewards from quests and events arrive, so checking it frequently is a recommended move.

One more thing to mention, the game offer you a daily reward. There will be a decent gift waiting you for each day you open the game. It will keep on getting better and better as days pass, the day 7 is the end and it has a special rank up gift.

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