8 Ball Pool was created and published by “Miniclip” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

The world’s #1 Pool game no on android! It is a game that will grant you the opportunity to experience the exact real life pool game but in the palm of your hands at home. However, the 8 Ball Pool Hack activation is a must thing to start with…

Before you start downloading the game, we are advising you to read the Key Features:

  • Tons of tournaments globally
  • Challenge your friends in an intensive 1 v 1 experience
  • Enjoy multiple options when it comes to customizations
  • Higher levels of challenges according to each tier
  • Internet connection is a must thing to have in order to enjoy a quality experience
  • Enjoy unlimited number of coins with 8 Ball Pool Hack service.

Scroll down if you are interested to learn more about the gameplay in depth…

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In this 8 Ball Pool Review, we will dive through every step from the game beginnings till the end of it. It is going to be much better suitable for beginners and if you are interested in advanced tips, then simply skip the first two segments and head directly towards the end…

There are four login options to choose from as soon as you start 8 Ball Pool for the first time. We have created a detailed report about each feature by mentioning its pros and cons.

  • Facebook
    • It will allow you a complete access to your Facebook friends list to send invitations or play together
    • Share and brag about your success on social media
    • The ability to retrieve your progression data on any device at any time
  • Google play
    • Instant access to great leaderboard system combined of you and your friends
    • Game progression will be saved as well
    • It is compatible with 8 Ball Pool Hack system
  • Miniclip ID
    • It is a global system that will grant you an access to all of miniclip games
    • It is better to combine all your progression in one place
  • Guest
    • Playing as a guest will provide you with more privacy
    • Your progression will not be saved
    • Standing at risk of losing all what you have achieved so far with one mistake

Now, you should have made up your mind already and ready to move forward towards the next segment.



Get Extra Free Spins With 8 Ball Pool Cheats

There are tons of rewards waiting for you to keep you motivated and stuck on the playing routine. One of the main rewards is the daily gift. You will be rewarded with a certain reward for each day you are logging into and it will increase as days pass…

It will change its reward type by completing a small task. Land the ball into the gold circle to get the maximum reward. This is more like a dart game but with the pool features.

If you manage to miss the first free shot, then you can always enable 8 Ball Pool Cheats and receive tons of free shots into your pocket.

First thing to do at main menu is to check out your missions and know exactly what you are supposed to do next. Completing missions will reward you with extra coins and experience points as well.

Experience points

  • It will enable you to unlock new game features and items to enjoy. It will also put you on a higher tier to experience a tougher challenge that will increase your own skill level.


  • Each day you will receive a free spin chance to get something very rare or just a very small amount of coins. These spins can be purchased through in app-store or via 8 Ball Pool Cheats for free.

How To Play?

This is going to become your main tutorial, but we have to find you an opponent to teach you exactly how the controls work.

  • Drag your finger around the table to move the cue in the preferred direction
  • Aim at the desired ball by calculating the angels to ensure that the ball will drop in the pocket
  • On left side you can see a power meter to adjust the hit power of the cue
  • We cannot give you much information about how the power meter works, but you will gain this experience by playing for longer periods
  • You need to avoid dropping the white ball into the pocket at any cost
  • Every time you will get a ball into the pocket, you will get an extra move
  • Try to target a certain set of balls at the first hit and this will become your main ball till the end of game
  • Make it simple and get 8 Ball Pool Hack at the first few minutes of gameplay

You are ready for your first game by reading the mentioned instructions and you should be able to grab an easy victory.



Interactive Experience

One of the cool features we have found so far is the quick chat wheel. It will allow you to communicate with your opponent in default messages and here are few examples:

  • Hello
  • Play quickly
  • Sorry
  • I will win!
  • Let’s play again

They are very common and can be used frequently, as you advance higher in level we believe that you will unlock extra messages.

Global challenges are split into several arenas and each one has its own set of features. However, you will be able to compete in all of them once you get 8 Ball Pool hack active and advance higher up in levels.

A quick look over these arena’s rules:

  • Winning
    • Pot the 8 ball after potting all your balls
    • Only matchmaking games award rings
  • Losing
    • Porting the 8 ball before your own balls are cleared
    • Potting the cue ball and the 8 ball together

These arenas will require higher betting value in order to give you an access. You can also track the number of online players playing currently there.

Do not forget to exchange gifts with your friends as this is considered to be a decent source of coins income…

Keep Your Eyes On The Big Pool!

We have enjoyed the playing time here and how the challenge will escalate in a steady pace. This will allow you to enjoy your game for very long time before you start losing interest.

Check out on the final results for each tournament was held as this should motivate you for the next tournament to put your name up on the top among the winners.

If you ever feel you are done with online challenges and want to test some new and unique moves, then the Offline practice is free and waiting for you to give it a try…

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