Take your chance to create your own city right from the scratch, but this time everything is different. As the constructing processes will not be following the same path they did in the previous games.

Right here, everything is based on the solitaire rules. As you progress through the solitaire game, you will be building the city at the same time. So this is mainly a cards game and there are some extra add-ods. It was created originally for the solitaire fans, as in this mode, you will never be getting bored or losing your temper with the game.

Of course, you can fully operate the game in the offline mode. And that is a very great addition as not everyone has an internet connection. So consider playing it in your free time and also get Age of solitaire Build City cheats to secure yourself a position among the top tier players globally.

Age of solitaire Build City was created and published by “Sticky Hands Inc.” and it is available to be downloaded and played freely on almost any Android or IOS device.

Decent Rewards Waiting for You Daily.

Do not forget to claim out your daily bonus reward, it will be mainly consisting of 2 free hints. But it could increase as the time passes by. On the other side, you will find the daily mission system.

Following the daily missions and completing them regularly will secure you some great score points, maybe reading our Age of solitaire Build City guide would help a little bit with this matter. Remember to complete the missions before the 24 hours’ mark passes or the missions will be gone and replaced with some new ones.

Quick Intro.

Here we are going to provide our readers with some extra Age of solitaire Build City tips to pass the starting basics and become ready for the first challenge so far.

First of all, the game is following the ordinary solitaire rules and nothing I special when it comes to this part. Try to be quick as possible because there is a timer that will be indicating your performance on the ground.



How to Play?

We have received many messages lately on how to play the game, as not everyone is an expert when it comes to the card games. So focus mainly on the upcoming instructions.

Moving all the bottom cards and the top cards to the foundation slot is ascending order will win you the game. this shall become the most important thing to happen for anyone to his future. Also getting the Age of solitaire Build City cheats into the service could be a very viable option so far.

Solitaire Rules.

Keep in mind that the K cards can be placed in the vacant table slots and you can stack the cards is descending numeric order alternating between red and black suits.

Cards in the waste slot can be raised on the table and foundation at any time following the rule!

Depending on how you stack and raise cards, you may run out of moves as well. So it means you are totally destroyed.

If so, it is too early to give up so try again or use items when necessary to help you get through the level. And with Age of solitaire Build City hack, you are achieving these targets within a glimpse of eye.

Extra solution to the Common Problems.

The game has been evolved a lot in its latest patch and now we are going to mention the changes in between this one and its previous contenders. So access the settings menu only if you are facing something that is not ordinary then consider customizing the game or even pausing it until you activate the Age of solitaire Build City hack service.

It will sort out any problem you have had and offer several solutions to restore the order back to the city once more.

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