This is an arcade running style game, and it will require from you a lot of teamwork in order to achieve your goals in the game successfully with the minimum effort another thing to mention is the Agent Aliens cheats is available to be picked up for free, which would guarantee you an access to big amounts of resources for free without any restrictions to be mentioned.

The game was created by “Indingo Gaming PTE LTD” company and you can start downloading it for free on IOS or Android platforms.

Outstanding Storyline.

Now we are coming to the main purpose of the game, which is escaping this place and save as many alien allies as possible with you, and such a thing would require a lot of work from you, go to pods to rescue imprisoned aliens, they will start following you and fight along with you for the rest of the games, each place you are entering will level you up, so you will get to level up and rescue an alien because each alien will allow you to obtain a special power up, combat is automatic, just face the enemy and move within range to start attacking, and once you kill down an enemy pick up the dropped items from it, make sure you are using the Agent Aliens cheats for insurance of the strongest levels you could be reaching.

Simple Game Controls.

The game controls are just as simple as any other arcade game, you are given two options to choose in between the touch one or the virtual pad, and both of them will be explained later on this Agent Aliens guide, the touch option is the one we prefer here, start using the directional pad on the left side of the screen to move around the game, remember that you can get yourself some decent amount of resources via watching the game Advertisement as it will activate the x2 Coin booster for the next 3 games, and in order to jump around tart tapping on right side of the screen combined with the directional pad, double jump in order to move over walls and walk around.

Combat System.

The killing an opponent is such a simple thing, now listen to this CONS approach scientists to make them drop their coins!! Use coins to gain upgrades and unlock new features of the game, and once you see any incoming opponent start jumping over it and watch it as it goes down, start wall sliding by keeping to move towards the wall in the direction you would desire. And if you want to get down faster or jump to the other directions use the mentioned controls above this article.

Remember that once you are against a wall, jump to vault up diagonally you can wall jump immediately after landing on a wall.

Importance of The Checkpoints.

The checkpoints you will be passing through will be the most important thing to you, because they are going to save your progress at the mission to this point so far in case you got killed or something happened, you do not have toss tart all over again from the begging, you will automatically get spawned at this checkpoint spot. And once you complete the mission successfully head to the exit door and tap on the right side of the screen to finish up the level.

Game Misc. And Agent Aliens Hack for Free.

You can actually start the amazing Agent Aliens hack in order to cover all your coin expenses in the game, which would simply make you one of the greatest players on the leaderboards history, and also remember to complete achievements for much competitive gameplay experience so far.

You can also use the hack in order to unlock full stories by the amount you desire for yourself. Read the article for extra Agent Aliens tips.


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