Aion Legions of War was created and published by “NCSOFT Games” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on any Android or IOS platform so far.

Witness the Mobile Game Revolution, this game is taking the RPG style to a whole new level. They have managed to bring the quality that we have seen on its PC version right to your hands.

Make sure that your mobile is running android version 7.0+ and at least 1GB of ram available on the device in order to run the game.

If you are looking for a stable source of resources, then you should consider the Aion Legions of War cheats as an option without a doubt!

Get Started

As soon as you start the game, ensure that your Wi-Fi connection is stable and ready; as the game will automatically check for any available updates for each time you will be starting it.

The updates will come frequently as the game has just been released. Turn on the game sounds to enjoy the cinematic introduction to the game. In addition, keep reading our full set of Aion Legions of War review to full cover the gameplay points.

You can always skip the cinematic videos by tapping on the skip/Next buttons located on the top right corner of the screen. However, we are fully recommending you to keep it and read the scenarios to become fully aware of the storyline, otherwise you can get the full idea about the storyline over here…

Learn The Combat Basics.

One day prior to the totally destruction, there was a fight going on between Candor and Ren. Condor is the commander and he is undefeatable for you at the moment, so this fight will be fun!

  • You will be playing as Ren and you should understand your special skills to cast them perfectly. For example:
  • Vicious Strike: Inflict Knockdown for 5 seconds on enemies using skills when the caster is afflicted.

The enemies casting bars are visible on the top right corner in the purple color. They can be interrupted. Use the Ren’s interrupt skill before Candor’s casting bar is completely filled.

Now, you should be ready to jump into the field with the Aion Legions of War hack right by your side to provide you with the necessary backup. You can learn more about it down below.



Save The Elysium!

Priestess Astria, who was on a pilgrimage to the radiant sanctuary, was kidnapped by Asmodians. It has been two days now, so you must get ready to retrieve the priestess back from the Asmods.

For each completed mission there will be a highlighted three stars system. The full stars means you have done great job. There will be also some great rewards waiting for you, claim them and use the Aion Legions of War hack to even increase your resources.

You will be playing as Ren:

  • Ren took up the sword to keep a vow he made to his brother 8 years ago. After finally joining the silver legion as promised and arriving in the Abyss, the cruel prelude of fate echoes out. Ren finally gets the chance he has been waiting for and joins his first battle, heading to the Sky prison to complete the silver Legion’s Mission.

Step Up Your Game With Aion Legions of War Cheats

Begin the story path by picking up a nationality and a name for your character. The country will affect the servers you will be playing at and also the language of the game.

We are advising you to pick a server that is close as much as possible to your country. And not to forget about the importance of Aion Legions of War cheats as well.

  • The game is packing up several interesting features and events. They will come originally locked but as you progress forward through the game, these features will get unlocked.
  • If you want to speed your progression rate, then the Aion Legions of War hack should become your favorite companion.

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