you are fans hard outsider benten10 Bigway energy of the ten defender ?

gives play a chance to utilize changing flame outsider surprisingly, and thrashing all player with your fire and your new power, its simple and fun, you should defeal all level 150 level completely. transfrom with the new omnitrix from outsider Bigway in universe. you can beat last stage from getting some mixture and power, you can purchase a companions of benten not gwen10 to help you and follow up you to clear the level

the adversary is not benten10 but rather it is from outsider cosmic system, there are zombie, robot, golem, bat, and fly foe. client your weapon and energy to overcome all level utilizing Bigway change omnitrix outsider benten change.



dont neglect to utilize this code 15151515 to get initial 10k gold to help your Bigway outsider benten10 execute all foe ten10 outsider and beast robot like golem.and robot alien10

lets enable Bigway to control outsider and be come more grounded outsider in planet ben10

Change to 16 extreme outsider and clear every one of the 150 level

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