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The alien invasion has taken place and no one is safe from the attacks of the aliens coming right at our doors so the time has come for you to gather your forces and bring every man capable of fighting to form a team that will stop the invasion of the aliens from bringing chaos and destruction to our planet earth, use the Alien Shooter Free cheats for free so it would be granting you with the necessary coins that will help you to purchase weapons and gears to become strong enough.

The game was created and developed by “Sigma team” and it is available to download it for free on Android and IOS devices.

Game Story.

Once the aliens have landed on the ground and the chaos has been spreading around your turn has come now, and it is the time to work from the underground in the laboratories located there to find a cure to such a disaster and figure out a solution since the combat option will never be solving it forever.

Reading our Alien Shooter Free guide is a smart thing to do as it will be giving you the necessary information about fixing this problem and making our planet safe again for the humans to live.

Game Controls and Functions.

The game controls will be covered with every detail so you would know exactly what you are going to do in the combat scene and react quickly to different circumstances, now look at the left side of the screen and you can be finding at the top left corner the Pause button so you could be stopping the game whenever you want or even head to the main menu of the game to edit settings maybe save the game, the health points as well to let you know that how far you are from getting killed so keep your eyes on it during the combats.

At the same side of the screen you can be seeing the mission Walki talki so you could be receiving the latest updates about the game.

Unlock New Weapons And Items Simply By Using The Alien Shooter Free Hack!

Now we got the movement function and the aiming, shooting one, use the directional pad to move around with your left thumb to aim and move in the different directions and if you look closely on the right side of the screen.

Get the Alien Shooter Free Hack for higher results, and now let`s go back to the firing option. you can be seeing the red button that once you tap on it the gun will start firing right away at the direction you are aiming at, remember that you can obtain new weapons and change between them if you ever ran out of ammo, but the main gun you will be starting the game with never runs out of ammo but it deals low damage so it could be an alternative weapon next to your main ones, but after all we could be recommending the Alien Shooter Free cheats to use so you could be having all the coins you have got.

How TO React In The Different Combat Scenes?

If the battle got heated up and the combat were closing on you make sure you are using the first aid kits that is located at the bottom of the screen, and make sure you are following the highlighted green arrows located on the ground to guide you through the next mission and the location of the place you reaching so far, and once you meet the alien hordes throw out grenades and it will be dealing massive damage and eliminate them all at once.

Use power-ups with caution.

There are power ups available for the usage and they are only available for a limited number so use them carefully with caution because once you run out of them it would be a problem to retrieve them back, it takes a lot of effort to recharge the power ups.


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