For long time you been going as a kid to the carnivals or theme parks to play the arcade games on them machines but now the time has passed and these arcade games machines are no longer available so the developers behind this game decided to create this amazing game and gather all the arcade games into one game that you can simply access it via your mobile device anytime you want.

And also do not forget about getting your copy of the Amusement Arcade 3D cheats so you could be having enough resources to play the game limitlessly and enjoy every single feature of it.

The game was created and published by “Mouse Games” company and the game has just reached the Android and IOS stores so start downloading them on your devices for free.

Press On the Play Button and Enter a New World Full of Fun and Games!

As the game starts head directly and press on the play button, and you shall be finding tons of games available right at your face to choose from and right here in the Amusement Arcade 3D guide we will be giving you all the details you want about every single game existing at this Amusement Arcade 3D so keep reading it and do not stop!

Let’s start here with the basketball and how to play it, first thing you need to keep your mind on is that flicking the ball towards the hoop must be your highest priority here, and second is that you must be making as many baskets as you can!

The last part is that you need to know you only have at least 30 seconds to finish, so try to be fast and score as many balls into the basket, also as soon as you complete the match you will be receiving extra tickets depending on your performance in the match.

Roller Ball Game.

Second game we got here is the roller ball, here are the quick few instructions you got to be following exactly, also keep our Amusement Arcade 3D tips in your head whilst playing this game.

  • Question mark means slots reward!
  • Exclamation point means extra bonus for you.
  • Tickets means extra ticket in the match

Remember that each time you will be entering a game; you will be consuming a certain amount of tickets that can be obtained via the Amusement Arcade 3D cheats for free or even win as many matches as possible.

Some Balloon Darts Tips.

Shoot the moving bull`s eye to get extra rewards in the balloon Darts mode, stay focused and sharp in all the different situations you entering so far, also you can be seeing some special balloons spreading on the both sides try to take them down as they will be giving you much higher rewards, use the darts with cautions and do not waste them as you will be having at least 6 darts at the single round and it costs around 60x Tickets.

Remove Game Ads and Get Extra Tickets by Using the Amusement Arcade 3D Hack for Free!

Our most beloved game of our childhood is finally here!

Start playing the frog leap and jump from one lotus leaf to another and the further you go the higher your score will be so make sure you focusing and putting all your effort into it also use the Amusement Arcade 3D hack to be having enough tickets at the game alongside removing the ads and these two once you come over them you shall be experiencing a new game!


Shooting Gallery!

Shooting gallery is about aiming and shooting the black ducks appearing right inform of you, tap to shoot the black duck instantly and also try to hit the bottles and the targets with the same bullet for extra scores.

But remember you have got only 30 seconds and 30 bullets to shot so make every bullet count, and prepare yourself for the bonus shot as it will appear to you once the time runs out so make sure you are getting the right target with it.


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