a simple match-3 puzzles game that is running on a mysterious island that has many weird and strange creatures whom are very smart and their IQ is equal to humans. Things will evolve very fast on this island and you will be taking charge on almost every improvement or change happening on this island. Use the Animal Cove cheats to help you out with rebuilding the island successfully.

Animal Cove was created and published by “kingslse Entertainment, Inc.” company and it is available to be downloaded from the Android and IOS stores.

Main Social Media Features.

Before jumping to the gameplay components, we have to mention that the game is supporting the Facebook login feature, and if you are new to such a feature. Then consider reading our full Animal Cove guide to become aware of the game principles.

The Facebook linking feature will provide you with an unlimited amount of storage to save your game progression files and you will also keep track of your records among your friends. Not to mention how easy it will be to send invitations out for your friends.

When it comes to the security, you should know that the game will never be posting or using your Facebook at any way without your permission. But if you do not feel so confident, then consider playing the game without even getting your social media linked up. On the next segment we will dive deeper into the gameplay.

Meet Elias the Owner of This Island.

The game events are taking place on an isolated island, as it seems that your ship has been destroyed and the ship wreckage is all over the place. Winston is a dog and he is going to become the main character of the game.

Meet Elias, he is a billionaire, entrepreneur and owner of this island. You should be excepting to deal massive deals with him from this moment and onwards. And to make the perfect decisions, then following our detailed and ultimate Animal Cove tips would help a lot in this regard.



Main Story.

Elias has been searching all over the world to find someone like you, a human being who can communicate with animals such as Winston. And somehow you have ended up on their shore and having this ability. What a coincidence!

Winston is a special animal, but he is not the only one who has this high IQ. Elias has been doing his researches decently and discovering such animals which are as smart as us.

Now moving to the island history, long ago, this was an amusement park, but Elias believed that the mastery of the animals is intertwined with this place. We will continue this part later on and for now, get the Animal Cove cheats to enjoy the full features set of the game.

Help Them to Revive This Island Once More.

With your help, they will be able to create a paradise for the animals an unravel the riddle of this magical island. You will be bunking here, as the place will take some time until it becomes stable and loveable. But that is not a big issue with the Animal Cove hack.

Next phase now which is getting some reality to the gameplay is to enter a name for your character. Make sure it is simple and does not include any special letters.

Keep track with The Missions Log.

The tasks will be updated frequently, and you can check them from the notification bar that pops up from the top side of the screen.

Your first mission is to explore the grounds around with Winston and see how the place is looking over here. This will give you a better knowledge of the gameplay and what is coming up ahead.

Swipe pieces to make matches, try to make 3 of the same items together. And with the Animal Cove hack, you will get the opportunity to unlock boosters and use them to advance forward in a very fast pace.

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