Despite the great success that Nintendo has gone through in the past years, we are not planning to give this game any chance to breath. We will simply go hard on it and try to expose every single weakness, but of course there will be a room for the pros, a big one actually.

The gameplay idea is based on giving you the complete control of a campsite, you will simply get in charge and your main goals are focused on decorating the site, searching for new discoveries, and of course help every animal that needs your help. There are so many features such as crafting etc…but you will need the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp cheats if you were planning to progress onwards fast enough. Learn more about how it works down below.

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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp was created and released by “Nintendo CO., Ltd” which is well known across the globe for its high tier games. One of the greatest gaming companies, so we must be expecting something extra ordinary in this game.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is compatible with IOS version 8.0 and onwards, so we are speaking here about the start of iPhone 5s, so this game is pretty much needy when it comes to specifications. Moving to the android system, you are going to need 4.2 android version and up. If there are any changes coming up on the next few days, we will ensure to update this article.

You Can Now Link Your Nintendo Account with The Game!

By the time we are creating this Animal Crossing Pocket Camp guide, it was on a limited release so far. But we are not fully aware when will it become available for mass download.

This game is free to start. Leaf tickets are an optional purchase, but keep in mind that purchasing may be restricted via your device settings as a sort of security. But this shall not be considered as a big deal, the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp cheats would simply be there to provide you with any amount of Leaf Tickets.

If you have linked a Nintendo account, you can access save data to continue playing where you left off. This is some sort of a cloud saving server that works cross platforms. We find this feature very important one and each company should work on integrating it to their games from now on. Of course it is totally optional and you can skip this part if you don’t want it.



General Instructions for Newbies.

Do not worry about saving as well, this game was created to optimize the auto save feature. You might want to disable the AutoSaving because we all do mistakes, and some of them will only get fixed by starting over from a certain point back then, but with the auto save. This means you are doomed and cannot revert back a mistake. Find more starting Animal Crossing Pocket Camp tips down below.

Do not forget to have your Wi-Fi connection enabled, because there will be some new updates coming up in the next day’s frequently. And you do not want to see your data plan going to ruins. There is always an option to skip the downloading patch.

Hey there. Welcome to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, that is a quick conversation going between you and K.K a dog with a guitar. He would like to ask you a quick question as well off the bat. And the question is “let’s say you are on a vacation starting tomorrow. What would you do? The world is yours and we actually meant the world is yours due to the power of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp cheats.”.

There are three choices to answer from, so you got to pick either to explore the nature, or go far, far away. Maybe even chill out just for a short period.

Feel Free to Customize Your Character.

Your answers at the different parts of the game are going to affect your entire gaming plan, and the path it would be taking. You and me both, my friend. Sometimes I wonder if I should have been a fisherman. Well, I think you are headed in the right direction. Enjoy the peace and quiet and go to your own place. Maybe out paths will come across again someday. But apart from the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp cheats service of course.

Get ready to play by customizing the look of your character, do not worry you can change any of these settings (Except your basic character type) at any time. And that is a very interesting part to move deeper into the available personalization features of the game.

Choose at the start, either you are going to be a boy or a girl. And next step would be the hairstyle, there are almost 20 different styles to choose from. And there will be more once you get Animal Crossing Pocket Camp hack unlocked.



Very Simple Controlling Mechanism.

We have skipped all the unnecessary introductions, and we are now speaking about how the game looking from inside. There will be a quick tour in the area around your camp van. But of course you have to keep sure that Animal Crossing Pocket Camp hack is ready to be used at any moment, you do not know what is waiting for you ahead.

The controls? They are very simplified, especially in the latest game patches. If you want to walk to any location, just tap the screen on the desired point. Simple as that!

And if you are going to somewhere farther, then drag your finger across the screen and your character will just follow along, until the point you release your fingers from the screen. That is how the game controls are working.

Tap anyone or anything that catches your eye. There is a lot to discover. This tapping thing is more like an interacting function, so interacting with the objects in your world would help as well with getting you the leaf coins you were looking for in the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp hack, so this could be considered as a great addition.

Meet Isabelle, The New Camp Assistant.

Welcome, you must be the new camp manager she has been waiting for. It is a great honor for you both to meet up. She is going to show you around how the game actually works, so there is going to be a long walk through the basics of the gameplay.

She has registered and all, but you got to pick up a name for your character to progress onwards. Please keep in mind that other players will be able to see your character’s name and appearance, so picking up a suitable name for this community is a must thing to do.

As a camp manager, you have got to run this place and make profit as well. You can set up amenities and furniture anyway you like! There are also so many possibilities!

And of course, since it is such a spacious campsite, you will be able to host quite a few guests into the place. Always make sure that you are satisfying your customers by giving them what they need through the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp hack.

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