– Aimlock – chooses the adversary nearest to your crosshair and locks onto him. Functions admirably with any weapon, particularly the deagle and expert riflemen =)

– Aimbot – works with programmed weapons expect for the CZ-75, in light of Puddin Poppin’s code. the default choice is not unobtrusive, tho, so keep an eye out

– GlowESP (wallhack) – colleagues (green), adversaries (red), blue (helpless foes)

– Radarhack

– No glimmer hack

– Bunny bounce


– Left ALT – hold LALT to bolt onto a foe’s head

– SPACE – hold SPACE to utilize bunny jump

– F7 – flip aimbot

– SHIFT+F7 – flip aimbot mode (seethe/genuine)

– F8 – flip aimlock

– SHIFT+F8 – flip aimlock target (head/trunk)



– F9 – flip GlowESP

– F10 – flip no glimmer hack

– F11 – flip bunny bounce

In the event that there’s a contention with your in-amusement ties, simply change your ties or alt-tab on the off chance that you need to reconfigure the swindle.


– works in fullscreen and windowed modes

– radarhack can’t be killed

– impair your antivirus or include a special case on the off chance that it recognizes this cheat as an infection. The mods who affirm the document physically filter the record to ensure it’s perfect so you don’t need to stress

– on the off chance that you can’t dispatch the cheat, ensure you have Visual C++ Redist 2013 x86

– Windows XP is not bolstered. Update your OS if conceivable


– despite the fact that this is VAC undetected at the season of presenting on the best of my insight and ought to remain so for some time, deceiving unmitigatedly in aggressive will get you Overwatch prohibited. Try not to try too hard! Easygoing/Demolition/Deathmatch/Arms Race/Community servers/FaceIT aren’t Overwatched, so you can go insane there =)

– on the off chance that you’ve been restricted, ensure it isn’t OW and you haven’t utilized different tricks recently so you don’t befuddle different clients.

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