Another Eden was brought to you by the original creators “WFS, Inc” of “chrono trigger”. Therefore, this game has an absolute ton of work behind. So let us head directly towards the game and see if it lives up to our hype or not.

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Remember, the game is available to be downloaded through the IOS or Android stores.

Get Started

We will skip all the unnecessary introductions and head directly towards the gameplay in our ANOTHER EDEN review.

Since, this is a hero collecting based game, and then there will be a lot of talking about the heroes and their abilities to help the players know which hero would suit their playing style and worth investing in.

Your party will consist of four main heroes and two will be waiting on reserve. You will be taking complete control over selecting which heroes to join the party and begin the battle. That is something we all have been looking towards.

You can always use the reserved heroes during the battle, but you cannot get any hero from the stash that is not included into the lineup or the reserve.

Each hero will come with his Health points bar and mana points. There will be also an indicator over their level.

Upgrading and improving the heroes will come at a cost, so the ANOTHER EDEN hack will be always there to give you the hand.

Know Your Heroes

Each hero will come with three indicators and three slots to play around with. We will talk deeply about each part.

  • Status: you can know the health points, mana points, how far are you from reaching the next level, the rating in 4 stars form, the type of the hero whether it is a soldier or a mage.
  • Ability: Attack power in numbers, Defense number, magical attack power, and magical defense power, the overall power, INT points, Speed, luck chance, and critical chance.
  • QUEST: it will vary depending on the current task you have to complete to advance forward in the game.

All numbers we have mentioned previously can be improved significantly with the ANOTHER EDEN hack help.



Customize Your Party Freely

By reaching this point, you are now aware of the main attributes of every hero, we will be moving next to the customization section.

  1. Weapon: selecting the right weapon for the task is not an easy thing to do, so you need to know your priorities whether you are going to face trouble dealing damage or tanking the incoming attacks.
  2. Equipment: change the equipment you are using. Always pick the strongest available in your storage. Purchase the most advanced tech via ANOTHER EDEN cheats.
  3. Skills: we will talk again about the skills, but this is a quick brief about how you can select certain skills to be added to your attacking list.

Restore Your Points Instantly With ANOTHER EDEN Cheats!

If you ever ran out of health points or mana points, then you need to visit the motel area and sleep to get some rest and restore the lost points. That is how the game works.

This is how the single player RPG style works; it will be played exactly as you are expecting it to be.

Check the location of NPC from the map located on the top right corner.

Battle System

Once the battle begins, you will need to pay attention to every bar that is shown over the units on the battleground. Make sure that the ANOTHER EDEN hack was activated and all your gears are upgraded to the max!

You will be given the option, either to go through this battle or run away. Running will cause your team to lose moral and that is not good for the long run, but it is always better to run than entering a fight you cannot bear with…

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