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One of the most anticipated MMORPG in this year has finally made it to the mobile community and you can simply start downloading it freely on your device. Enjoy playing with your own character in a big open world, experiencing a huge improvement of your skills by collecting the needed materials through fishing, mining, farming and many more to start your own business of sewing or becoming a great alchemist by producing these healing potions, actually there are many more features in this game but we would keep them remaining in the rest of our ArcheAge BEGINS review down here. at the moment make sure that you are a user of the ArcheAge BEGINS cheats to ensure that you are facing no problem with purchasing anything.

ArcheAge BEGINS was created and published by “GAMEVIL” company and it is available on Android and IOS stores.

Quick Intro.

Game begins by giving you a prompt box to enter a league name for yours, and make sure that no spaces are entered or special characters, and only between 2 and 10 characters are allowed.

And there is an option to use the HIVE account of yours to login to the game, and actually this is the only method that will be allowed to play the game since this is not an offline game so there are certain conditions must be met in order to functionality start the game.

Make sure that you are connected to the internet connection and select a server that is close as much as possible to your region to reduce latency and improve the quality of the gameplay.

Glimpse of The Main Story.

A small and quick dialogue will go between the main characters of the game, Gene is actually surprised by the Ancient Rift, as he has finally found the location of the Mother of the World!

But something is not good is being cooked over there, as the characters are taking their steps into the rift gate to find the secrets of the world and how it was created, Gene will encourage them to move there as this will be the final destination of the Library Expedition.



Road to The Secret of the World.

Welcome to the ArcheAge BEGINS guide, meet Gene and Kyprosa at the begging as they will be playing the heroic role of the opening scene at the game and the first battle will be carried out automatically so do not try to interfere with anything.

But now I guess you are aware of the main storyline behind this game, as certain group of people are chasing the secret of the world and trying to find it at any cost, so there will be many obstacles and surprising waiting for them, follow our ArcheAge BEGINS tips to minimize the losses.


During the combat phase, remember that when the wait time for a skill card is over, you can throw it in the numbered direction to use it, and the cards will be located at the bottom right corner of the screen with an identification icon over it.

Each hero has his own special skills and abilities, so some of them will be playing the support role in other words, they will be providing aid and assistance to their team mates and help them to recover from wounds, consider taking a look over the ArcheAge BEGINS cheats to increase your chances of unlocking new skills.

Upgrade Your Hero with The ArcheAge BEGINS Hack Instantly!

Use the supporting skill cards always on your heroes and team mates, because if you mistake using it, then it will mean that you have created a bigger problem for you at the battle.

Change the camera viewing angels to get the best vision by tapping on the camera icon at the top right corner, there is also an option to open the chatting box and coordinate the strategic moves out with your friends, and do not forget the ArcheAge BEGINS hack to ensure that you are achieving your goals eventually.



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