This is an arcade game, it was created and published by “Gray Giant Games” the game was released on 24 Feb, 2017. Start downloading the game to your IOS and ِِAndroid devices and conquer these evil bosses to bring peace back to the world, also using the Archer Dash 2 cheats will provide you with the different resources to progress easier in the game.

Begin With The Easy Mode To Understand How To Play The Game!

At the beginning of the game you are going to choose the difficulty of the game, these difficulties are easy, hard and don’t even try… and this last difficulty is going to be so hard to be played so don’t think about trying it before you understand how to play the game very well and after some training by playing the other difficulties, and also you will need to achieve your ultimate goal and it’s the navigation of the forest of the obstacles so make sure to read our Archer Dash 2 guide to know what you should you do through your journey in the game.

Choose The Boss That Suits Your Style Of Play!

After selecting the difficulty of the game you will need to begin choosing the boss you are going to play with in your next run! There are 5 different bosses that are available in the game, everyone has his own stats and differs from the others, also they have different play style and different costs, everyone has his own cost so you will need to play more to unlock the different bosses to be able to play with them all whenever you want, also make sure to read our Archer Dash 2 tips to totally understand the game before you even start it.

Learn How To Control Your Boss With The Following Steps We Are Going To Mention Here!

Now it’s time to get into the real work, after choosing your boss, tap on start at beginning then your game will begin, and you are going to learn now how to play with your boss, the first lesson is how to old your phone and the tutorial is going to show you that, the second lesson is how to jump and to do that you just need to tap on the right half of the screen and to attack and destroy any obstacle just tap on the left half of the screen then aim and finally shoot, so make sure to dodge all the obstacles that perfectly designed to stop you from moving forward.

In Order To Bring Peace Back You Need To Defeat The Different Bosses OF The Game!

In this game you are going to fight against the different bosses of the game, and they are going to be very strong so you need to be well prepared and well trained to be able to defeat them and to continue your journey, these bosses will be having some powerful skills to use on you to hit you and to defeat you, but by the time you are going to understand how to dodge these skills, and also by getting stronger bosses to play with, the game is going to be easier than before and to get those bosses you can always get the extra help from the Archer Dash 2 cheats to unlock such bosses and to become stronger and unbeatable.

Obtain The Archer Dash 2 Hack To Unlock New Bosses!

If you cannot afford the different bosses to conquer your enemies and to bring peace back to the world, make sure to use the Archer Dash 2 hack that will unlock all these bosses for you and will also provide you with the different resources to be able to get all the colors to use on your bosses to look the way you want to look and to also look stylish boss, another thing you need to know about and its that you can always customize the aiming system from the settings menu to perfectly suit your style of play, and finally after learning the game you need to try the don’t even try… difficulty to prove you are best and the mastermind of this game.


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