Arena Stars Battle Heroes was created and published via “Tiny Titan Studios” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on almost every single Android or IOS platform.

Its cards game, so when it comes to the terms of graphics and casuals. You should not be expecting it to be very high. However, the game have very bright features and interesting animations. It is still playable on almost every mid-range device out there.

You can increase your winning chances with the Arena Stars Battle Heroes cheats service. It was crafted originally to help the players on saving their money and time from being consumed on the in-game store.

Main Story

You have been elected as the champion of your homeland. Being the champion’s means that you have to face the upcoming challenges and have a clear plan to be able to get them done. In addition, if you proceed forward and earn some victories, then of course becoming the Arena star is something very achievable.

Tap anywhere on the screen to move your hero, and get the Arena Stars Battle Heroes hack to equip your hero was with the latest gears possible.

At the starting phases, you can approach the training dummy to test out the controls and understand exactly how the game works. It will not attack you back, so make sure you are targeting it at every time it appears on the field.

Your special abilities are shown on the bottom right corner of the screen; tapping on them will activate the abilities and drag you through a victorious path.

How to play?

The enemies will differ depending on the situation, but you must know that the heroes are the toughest foes you will face. You will need help and backup to defeat them.

The first thing that should come to your mind when you read the word “HELP” is the Arena Stars Battle Heroes cheats, but at the moment we are talking about the details of the gameplay, so summoning troops to join you on the battle is a good idea.

Each type of your troops will consume a certain number of energy points; learn more about this part down below.



Energy Points

They have implemented the same system that is seen in any cards game. The energy points which will be consumed according to the unit’s ability. Each type of the units will consume a certain number of energy points and will start performing on the battleground automatically.

You can recharge your energy points much faster with the Arena Stars Battle Heroes hack, or simply follow the highlighted path that we have constructed for you.

Finish Your Enemy At Once!

Once you deal enough damage to the opponent’s hero, he will become vulnerable. Therefore, that would be the right moment to activate your ultimate albite to finish them off. That is how you win battles and conquer games.

You will receive great rewards for winning those battles. They will usually come in form of chest. These chests will contain gold, new cards and even rare star shards.

All of these items could be easily obtained through the Arena Stars Battle Heroes cheats. In addition, we are suggesting you to try it.

Each card you will receive, do not forget to enter the deck customization section and start selecting the ones you would love to see them with you on the battlefield.

Main Features

Here are some of the key features in the game.

  • Make sure that you are connected to stable and strong internet connection.
  • Invite your friends and enjoy the challenging atmosphere.
  • Get Arena Stars Battle Heroes hack and unlock new strong cards.

Keep your hero moving on the battlefield, tap on the screen at any point. Keep an eye over your enemy health points and know exactly how close they are from dropping dead.

Do not forget to follow all the precious Arena Stars Battle Heroes tips we have mentioned up Here!

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