Jump right into your robot and prepare yourself to one of the biggest massive online PVP battling game. enjoy playing in several playable fun modes. Pay attention to every small detail of your robot and work your way through to the top of the ranking tables.

Advance up in levels and add new weapons. Purchasing them could be done simply through Armored Squad Mechs vs Robots cheats for free.

Armored Squad Mechs vs Robots was created and published by “FoxForce Games” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on android and IOS platforms.

Main Gameplay.

Hi and welcome to the capture the flag tutorial level. You are going to be playing for the blue team in the tutorial phase and right now, you will be the only member of the team at the moment but later on there will be more players joining you.

Your mission in this mode is to capture the red flag and get it back to your base at any cost. you have to be quicker than the opponent team and sneaky as well in order to avoid being detected. The Armored Squad Mechs vs Robots guide was created originally to allow you to have a clear vision over the game modes and help you to play the game in a proper form.

Capture The Flag Three Times to Win.

Capturing the flag could be done by driving to it and that will be taking us into the movement and controls mechanism in a whole.

Move around the map via the movement pad that is located in its regular location at the bottom left corner. Now you have to keep in mind the enemy unit’s location as they will be highlighted in the red color to show you exactly where they are located and give you a better aiming system. We will get back to this part later on, but for now stick to our Armored Squad Mechs vs Robots tips list.



How to Play?

Once you pick up the flag, the real challenge begins as you have to run and fight your way through back to the base to score points. Being the flag carrier is such a heavy burden as the entire enemy team will be chasing you down and trying to take you down.

You might want to put the Armored Squad Mechs vs Robots cheats into consideration to have the right gears and equipment that will help you to survive under the heavy fire from the enemies once you pick up the flag.

Also protecting it is such a harder mission, but we will get back to it with more details later on.

Protect The Flag at Any Cost!

The red team will try to steal your flag now as a reaction to what you have done to them. so you must be prepared for every surprise and have your defenses ready and at arms. The winning is not far away from your hands, as the first team that scores 3 points wins. Get ready!

Take your arms and make sure that the Armored Squad Mechs vs Robots hack is ready to provide you with the necessary protection to keep the flag ready for the revenge challenge from the opponent team.

Collect Coins and Enhance Your Performance.

During the playtime, you might want to consider collecting the dropped coins on the floor as they could be used later to upgrade your robot. Also the Armored Squad Mechs vs Robots hack could work in the same way and more effective than you can imagine.

Tracking your records after completing the missions is a very smart method to improve your overall playing skills. And also knowing that each time you will be winning a challenge, you will be gaining experience points and advancing up in levels.

The points will be used to upgrade the robot attributes. And you have to be aware of hard leveling up in the game is going to be.

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