Put Your Hands on the Arrow.io Cheats to Get A lot of Diamonds.

This is an action game, it was created and published by “Cheetah Games” the game was released on 16 May, 2017.

Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices so you can enjoy the fight against the different players that are playing the game from all over the world, you will be fighting to prove your shooting skills and to become the most famous player that hunts other players of the game.

Also using and getting the help from the Arrow.io cheats that will provide you with a lot of diamonds to be able to unlock the different characters of the game that has different stats from your starter character, also will help you unlock new skills that no one did ever have to easily progress and win in every competition you are going to enter.

Begin With the Offline Mode so You Can Have More Time to Train.

At the beginning of the game you will need to enter the beginner arena, but before that you should be choosing a name to play with and submit it.

After entering your name, you will be able to start the game, and you will be having two options and those options are playing offline, or playing online against real and random players that are playing the game from all over the world, but as a beginner you should be starting with the offline mode to be able to train yourself on the different game controls of the game.

And reading our Arrow.io tips will provide you with the enough information about how to control your character from A to Z, so make sure to read it and follow its steps to dominate the game, and win against anyone you are going to play versus.

Also using the Arrow.io cheats will always provide you with almost with any number from the diamonds you are going to need through your journey of becoming the most famous player in this game, so always make sure to use it whenever you need any kind of help to easily progress in the game.



Follow the Tutorial to Learn the Basic Game Controls.

Now it’s the time to learn about the game controls of the game, so make sure to read our Arrow.io guide.

The first lesson of the game is going to be how to move your character, and to do so you will need to use the controller to move character and its located in bottom left of the screen, you will need to move your character to collect the different stars in every game.

The second lesson is going to be how to attack the different enemies of the game, and to do so you will just need to slide to attack, with such simple and easy game controls you should be playing it properly and dominating it.

There is another thing you need to know about, and that thing is choosing your skills, before any game starts you will have to choose the skills you are going to use on the battlefield, you will be having three different skills every game, so make sure to choose them wisely, and to unlock more skills you can always do it using the help from the Arrow.io hack.

Form A Team With Your Real Friends and Dominate the Game Together.

This is the most enjoyable part of the game, in here you can always play and form a team with your real friends, you can always create your own team by tapping on the team play button, then press on create button, and after entering the name of the team, the system will assign a team ID after its created.

So always make sure to invite your friends and play together and compete against random teams from all over the world, or you can also join another team that one of your friends has, by entering the ID of this team you already in the team, just make sure to know the team’s ID so you can easily enter.

In this game you change the settings as you want so it can suit your style of play, you can change the game controls, you can change the language to enjoy the game with your mother tongue language, and plus that using the Arrow.io cheats will also supply you with a countless amount of gold so you can easily upgrade each skill you own to be able to finish your rivals in no time.



Unlock the Different Arenas and Enjoy the Game More.

There are a lot and different arenas in the game, and those arenas are:

1-Beginner Arena: that’s used to start the game so you can start playing.

2-Masters Arena: this arena contains more professional players than the previous one, and to unlock it you need to reach 2500 best score, and this map contains +5 maps and +30 skills.

3-Firestorm Arena: if you want to join this arena you will need to get 200 kills in the masters arena, and it has a good advantage and its about the infinite shooting.

4-Midnight Arena: Flashlight Arena is its advantage, and to unlock this arena you will need to get 300 kills in the Firestorm Arena.

So this is going to be your ultimate goal and that’s playing the highest and the strongest arena of the game because it contains a lot of professional and great players, and to prove yourself among those players you will need to finish the previous requirements to be able to join them and prove your skills.

There is also another thing the game provides its players from time to time, and it’s the limited time championship, by entering it you will fight against the professional players of the game and the winner will be rewarded with a lot of precious rewards.

Get the Arrow.io Hack to Unlock New Characters.

If you cannot upgrade the different skills you have in the game, if you cannot increase your levels to be able to get queued with the most talented players of the game, if you cannot unlock the different arenas of the game, using the Arrow.io hack will provide you with a lot of diamonds that will help you through your journey of become the most known player of the game, and also will help you unlock more powerful skills that will help you to eliminate all of your enemies.

You need to collect as much gold as you can so you be able to unlock the different characters of the game and to choose the ones that look so stylish for you, but take care because every character has different costs, so make sure to collect all the possible gold to unlock them all.



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