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The famous Asphalt racing game is back in its new form, providing to its fans the experience of drag street racing, take the challenge to the next level and compete across the streets of the most amazing cities in the world, challenge bosses, place bets over their cars until you dominate the whole scene. Consider getting aid from the Asphalt Street Storm Racing cheats to improve your car powers.

Asphalt Street Storm Racing was created and published by “Gameloft” company and it is available to be played and downloaded freely on any Android or IOS platform.


We are here in date with your favorite racing game on the mobile market, Asphalt Street Storm Racing!

Game starts as it will be showing you an introduction to the game controls and how does the races are looking inside, so do not panic as everything is well described and explained and right here in our version of the Asphalt Street Storm Racing guide, we will be giving you an advanced version of the game review and try to explain unclear features for you in order to help you with the best gaming experience.

With the first instruction is how to get your car moving forward, use the button start at the bottom left corner, hold it to stop the car from moving as it will work mainly as the brakes, and if you release it the car will start moving automatically without any interception.

Your first mission is to get the car as close as possible to the start line of the race and that is where the real challenge is waiting for you, try to follow all the given instructions and bring what you have learnt so far in the tutorial into the reality.



Move Near the Start.

As you move closer to the starting line of the race make sure that you are holding the brakes, and whilst you are holding the car there will be a countdown to the race start, try to rev the engine and keep the RPM meter at the green area if possible as this will guarantee you a perfect startup and very fast acceleration compared to all your challengers on the street, the rev engine icon could be found on the right side of the screen, tap on it repeatedly until you reach the perfect start.

Now you are ready and your car is in the actual race with a perfect start but that is not everything as you must worry more about the gear shifting process, as it is very simple. There are two options available for you once the race begins, either to shift up a gear or shift down but this should be done after analyzing the state and the car speed carefully.

Try to always shift up the gear once your car engine RPM is at the green zone because this is the perfect timing to shift up, so it would not be too early or way too late, but if it happens that you shift up too early then the gear shifting down arrow is located at the left side of the screen.

Friendly UI.

The game UI is very simple and doesn’t include many weird icons or gadgets though which makes it suitable for the new players, at the top right corner you can find the time counter for the race as this will let you record the highs cores and best timing also including the option to put it in comparison with other racers, follow the given Asphalt Street Storm Racing tips by our team to make sure that you are mastering out each race in this game out.

At the bottom there are the main gauges of the car, including the RPM, current speed, and the gear that you are currently driving at, on the both sides of the gauges are the gear shifting sticks which you should be frequently using them, but anyway the Asphalt Street Storm Racing cheats will become available and make the gear shifting process much easier as once you upgrade the car to its maximum pentagonal then this will mean that your car will have better and easier shifting mechanism, learn more about the cars over here.




Receive Rewards for Each Completed Challenge.

Completing any race successfully will result in an improvement to your career in several terms, first thing you should be taking a look over the report window that will appear instantly after completing the race.

There will be a report of your place position, the time that has been consumed during the Rae, and your reaction time as well to the gear shifting and various situations and wither you have used NOS or not, there will be also rewards moving into your account balance so always try to do whatever it takes in order to increase your win bonuses as well for higher income, and if you have done something spectacular then consider sharing the report window to your Facebook account page, and this could be simply done with some little help of Asphalt Street Storm Racing cheats.

Consider using your Facebook account as a cloud saving server by linking it to the game, this will provide you with a whole new level of security, with this feature you should worry no more about losing any of your game data or progression under any case, so you are simply securing all your data files, and you will be able to retrieve it back once you use the same account once more.

Increase Your Car Performance by Using the Asphalt Street Storm Racing Hack!

Right now you will be actually in need to some wheels of your own, so purchase a car that will represent you in the street racing world, and the there are many factors to indicate the car performance and power, and right here we are actually going to give you quick glimpse over these attributes, and of course you can upgrade and improve your car states easily with the diamonds through Asphalt Street Storm Racing hack window but that is not the case right now, we are trying to minimize the effort and the loss.

There are four categories for the cars in this game, A, B, C, And D which is the lowest among them, but that is the only category available for you at the beginning to choose from, so focus and try to get the best car available for you at the given budget at the beginning and later on, you can use the Asphalt Street Storm Racing hack for your advantage.

Keep an eye over the car grip level as this will help you with the traction over the asphalt and on the turns, also the BHP the higher your car BHP the higher top speed you could possibly reach always put it as your highest priority when you are picking up your car, moving next to the most valuable part which is the car acceleration level, and this is my friend your first weapon that you will be using in order to get a head boost away from your opponents at the starting line.



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