Aurora Legend was created and published by “Rastar Games” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

This is a fantasy world, where you will be leading tons of heroes in order to fight for one goal, which is defeating the evil demon and closing the portal that has unleashed chaos and destruction upon our world.

You will need help such as experience books to upgrade your heroes and many other resources, the Aurora Legend cheats will be offering you these services for free.

Get Started

If you are reading this Aurora Legend review at the day it was posted, then you must have been waiting for the release date, as we have been testing the game on its beta version earlier on.

We will begin with the main basics that every new player must know.

  • Always select the server highlighted with the green color of best performance
  • Try to start your journey in newly created servers
  • Keep the Aurora Legend cheats by your side

Moving now the next phase, which is the character creation. You may select a name for your character and the gender. It is recommended to pick a name that is short as possible to be easily recognized.

The time for the final battle had come!

We will cover the storyline on this segment, you may skip it if you do not want to read it, as it will not affect your gameplay.

Aurora was once a beautiful world, peaceful and prosperous. The sudden arrival of demons destroyed this Idyllic existence. They seized the land and enslaved the people. Plunging the world into chaos and darkness.

The people of Aurora suffered years of unspeakable cruelty at their barbed hands, before the bugles of freedom finally sounded…

Under the leadership of guardian angel, Lufcifnil and the three great seers, Aurorean rebels won victory after victory against the demons.

  • the character sounds are still in Japanese. It adds more feelings to the battles especially if you were using the Aurora Legend Hack to demolish your enemies.



Remember to login and claim your rewards regularly.

When the demon king was self destructed, he detonated a portal. Unleashing an explosion, which razed the demonic legion and tore aurora asunder.

Remember that the battles will continue automatically. You can claim your rewards whether you are online or not. Which means, the Aurora Legend Hack is a must thing to have in order to leave a solid character behind.

Let The Fight Song Begin.

At the beginning of the game, you will be given one character. Which means, you are going to fight for your way through hell on your own, that makes the Aurora Legend hack much more important than ever.

Your character will be going through several challenges. At the start, you will gain experience points as you advance in level and kill more monsters.

Advancing in level has several benefits, and it depends on the level. For example: getting level three will enable to you recruit one more companion to join you through the battle.

  • The experience books you get will help you to level up a squad member.

Get Promotion Materials From Aurora Legend Cheats!

The level of the companion or the main character will play a vital role in Aurora world. The higher your level, the more features will get unlocked. We cannot ignore the huge improvement in the attack, defense and even the health points…

  • Each character in your team will come with its own special skills. Each skill will be good against certain type of enemies and deal much higher damage than the regular ones.
  • The rewards will be shown on the top left corner in a small box; it will have a maximum capacity, so you should claim it frequently.

You can also combine two heroes together to get the best out of both worlds; this shall enhance your powers.

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