The game events are running in the action city as everything was going fine and as planed correctly, but something has happened unexpectedly and some outside invader has decided to invade the city and start spreading chaos and destruction.

The people of the city has divided and now they are fighting against each other, the time has come for you to reunite them under one banner and fight off the enemies. You may get help from various sources but the Automatrons 2 cheats should become your main reliable source.

Automatrons 2 was created and published by “Tiny Lab Games” company, and it is available for everyone to download and start playing it through any Android or IOS platform.

Very low graphics and the animation are pretty much low in the depth of textures, but we can let you know that it is doing its job perfectly. The Automatrons 2 hack will give you a huge advantage as well over your opponents.

Bring The Peace Back!

Begin your journey by picking one the four available racing cars and robots, they are not going to show you much difference in the abilities but the main difference will be shown in the colors. There are different four colors so pick up the one that makes you comfortable the most.

We will be trying to go through the gameplay components a step by step, and the Automatrons 2 guide will include all the necessary information you need to get to the top of the ranking table.


You are driving a car and it is equipped with weapons and gravity controlling system. Move forward using the acceleration button on the bottom right corner and that is not everything yet.

You have to watch out for the enemies as you move towards your target; the enemy will keep on attacking and chasing you down.

You have two options to reach your destination successfully, the first one is to start shooting on the enemies and dodge their incoming attacks.

The second option is to keep running and do not look behind, and I bet you are looking for more Automatrons 2 tips. We will be revealing all the tips we have gathered during our playtime.



Find The Right Balance.

As soon as your car is in the air or about to land on the ground, you must make sure that the car is in a stable form and will land on its wheels. Any small mistake will lead into a complete disaster.

Change the focal point of the car by tapping on the two arrows of the left bottom corner. Try to find the right balance of the car by switching between these two buttons.

Switch between Car/Robot.

Transforming from the car into the robot to destroy certain obstacles and start activating the special weapons is such a very interesting feature.

If you are not doing it correctly, the enemies will be destroying your robot man very quickly, so you must know exactly when and where to transform!

Removing the game ads could be done by spending some money through the shop or simply activating the Automatrons 2 cheats. These two options are available to choose from freely.

A Very Strong Boss Fight Waiting For You Ahead!

After completing the given mission, you must start preparing yourself for a boss fight and understand his main weakness in order to overcome him.

If you are looking to beat the clock and complete the mission in the given meantime, then playing with the car could be the right choice.

The graphics are very low on most of the game aspects, so this will cause some glitches and troubles when you are trying to figure the attacking point.

Each mission will come with a different car and a different robot, some of them will have different attributes and powers. In addition, it is your role to get adapted to them. Automatrons hack will get them all features unlocked right away!

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