Ava Airborne was created and published by “PlayStack” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on all Android and IOS platforms.

The idea of flying with the trust glider is astonishing itself; the gameplay mechanism is providing you with an outstanding experience. The movement is very smooth, so you will be enjoying the flying mechanism.

It is not strict only to this; there are several boosters and obstacles you are going to face during your journey. In addition, the atmosphere in general will keep on changing as you go further and further. Therefore, we are suggesting you to get the Ava Airborne cheats as fast as possible to unlock all those gliders available and be able to revive yourself for unlimited numbers.

How To Play?

Tap anywhere on the screen to begin the journey; remember to use your headset in order to listen closely to this calm and satisfying music being played on the background.

Here are the main Ava Airborne tips you need to know about the controlling and gameplay instructions.

  • Press and hold to glide.
  • Let go to free fall and gain speed.
  • Try to dodge the obstacles
  • Learn how to use the on screen boosters

These were the main points that you should be having a vision on the upcoming step or plan. You can also get some advantage of Ava Airborne hack to become unstoppable. We will discuss this matter later on here.

Extra Tips.

Your goal at the first tutorial is to go after 500m, but that is a very short distance if you ask me. As you progress forward in the game, you will start to notice the change and the improvement of your skill as a player in general.

The Ava Airborne cheats should be helping you with reaching further distances. Always keep in mind the right attitude.

All the right air miles you collect contribute towards your rank in general. Once you are a penguin, you will be able to play with all sorts of contraptions.



Very Smooth UI.

The first impression we had once the game was started is the smooth UI and elegant design. The colors are warm and they are very comfortable on the eyes.

Enter the options menu and you will be impressed with the amount of options available inside to play out with. You can literally control everything inside the game; we are speaking here about the music, sound effects, and vibrate.

The in-game purchases could be done from the same place, but the Ava Airborne hack should work as alternative for you when it comes to purchases.

Cool Features.

If you ever feel like you want to start all the over the career mode again, then erase the game data with a single tap through the options menu and start all over from the start.

The game will be restarted, but you do not have to reactivate the Ava Airborne cheats, it will keep on providing you with the number of resources you want.

Having the right resources to climb the leaderboard rankings is not an easy task; it will also require from you a lot of training to master out your flying skills and how to control the aero dynamic of your plane.

Very interesting Charts.

Track your progression by tapping on the options icon on the right side of the screen at the main menu. It will show you the rank that you currently have and your contraptions.

Increase your rank massively by putting your hands over Ava Airborne hack. We are expecting you to fly in the ranking ladder in no time.

Keep comparing your numbers and records to find your weakness and improve it with the training. There will be flaws and they will be easily detected by tracking the statics of your previous tries.

For each record you are completing, there will be a reward in the achievements section. Do not forget to claim them from time to time.

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