The gameplay is not bringing any surprises in terms of goals and missioning system. You are only given one target to achieve which is killing and destroying everyone that stands right before you…

You might want to consider using the Awesome Arena cheats service and unlock tons of features, and of course new weapons to deal higher damage to your enemies. But we will leave the details related to the weapons to the later part of this review.

Awesome Arena was created and published by “appsministry” company and it is totally available for everyone to download and play it through the Android and IOS stores.

The graphics quality is pretty much high as this is a newly released you should be expecting to facing some troubles running it smoothly if you are using an old device. It is not a top tier game when it comes to graphics but still standing at a very good level.

Main Intro.

We will skip all the unnecessary introductions and head directly to the gameplay in this advanced version of Awesome Arena guide. The game begins simply by giving you a small tutorial to teach you the main basics of the game.

Starting with the movement and looking around and these two parts could be done by dragging on any left part of the screen and your character will follow the directions. And to change the viewing angel or looking position then the bottom right corner will be doing it for you. I guess now we have covered this part and we can move towards next segment.

Auto Attack is Available.

Due to many noobs have been entering the FPS world at the mobile devices, the developers have been receiving tons of complains about how hard aiming and shooting in such games so they have added the auto attack. Find more Awesome Arena tips down below.

The auto attack is working once you get your aim over an enemy unit and your weapon will start firing automatically. It will save you time and effort of course but it is taking a huge challenge part from these games away.


Keep an Eye Over Your Stock of MEDKITS.

To pass the tutorial at the beginning you will have to follow the highlighted marks on the floor and do exactly as you are told. They are not asking for anything special or unique…

Always check the number of your med kits and grenades, it often plays a critical role during the battle. You can save a life or maybe even create a huge chaos and get multiple kills over a crowd with a grenade.

The weapons and med kits could be purchased simply using the Awesome Arena cheats, but of course there are several ways and we will be talking about them on the next segments.

Control Your Character According to Your Own Preference.

You are taking control over your character completely, which means that you will be fixing up all the parts and choosing the right gears to be used in the right place. Understanding the type of the upcoming battles will determine the types of weapons you are going to use.

Also having enough number of MEDKITS will make you survive for longer periods under the fire. And try to find the right mix between the light armors and high defense. You need to be light enough to maneuver and jump from one point to another swiftly. Maybe these items will require from you to use Awesome Arena hack, but that is not very necessary.

Quick Battle or Customize Your Own Game.

Choose to play through the quick battle mode or enter the customization mode and select the type of game you would love to play in.

If you are well prepared and have the right gears from Awesome Arena hack, then entering a quick battle will give you a better challenge and of course the battle will be totally random in terms of the nature type.

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