AxE Alliance vs Empire was created and published by “NEXON Company” and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

MMORPG mixed with the open world system. It will deliver to you one hell of experience as the graphics are decent as well and you will be taken by the flow of the storyline.

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Storyline Briefly

At the beginning of the AxE Alliance vs Empire Review, you should be expecting to find details of the available nations and find a cause to fight for, And this is the starting point of the game.

You are supposed to choose between two sides, the galanos alliance and holy darkhaan empire.

  • Galanos Alliance: an alliance of six nations on the eastern continent. They have district cultures, diverse values, and unchallenged freedom.
  • Holy Darkhaan Empire: A large, unified state on the western continent. They abide by one law: protect order with unwavering faith.

The galanos alliance believes that with freedom, anything can be achieved. The leader of the alliance is elected by the populace and reigns as chief. The fierce competition for this position between the member nations is a driving force behind progress in the Alliance.

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  • Archer: A forest elf who draws upon the power of nature to unleash a relentless barrage against her foes.
  • Titan: A desert nomad who unleashes incredible raw strength to strike down enemies.
  • Blade master: A wandering swordswoman who lends aid to all those who need it.

Holy Darkhaan Empire

They do believe that Darkhaan prospers through divine order. The emperor is a descendant of the ancient hero Tyr and acts as both a religious and political leader. The strong authorization regime seeks to resurrect Benuv.

You can learn more about the available classes for this region on the next section. The resources to build back the empire again will be found at AxE Alliance vs Empire cheats.



Choose From Three Amazing Classes

  • Valkyrie: A master of sword and shield who enforces the will of Benuv to vanquish evildoers.
  • Warrior: A fighter defending honor and order.
  • Mage: A powerful kiko who harnesses the powers of the elements and the arcane.

Each class has three different skills. Once the skill is activated, it will move into the cool down state. In addition, you may start customizing it on your preference.

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Top Customization System

Customize your character depending on your preference. The game is offering you a complete set of customizations to play around with. Therefore, we are advising the players to use AxE Alliance vs Empire hack service to have a fully customized character and a powerful beast.

Part of the available customization is the face, you may change the hair color, hairstyle, eye shape, eye color, and how exactly the shape of your entire face would look, like.

Next step is to pick up a name that would go along with you to the end of the journey.

Welcome To the Training Camp!

The training camp is the first place you will start your journey in. you will learn more about the gameplay techniques and of course the battle system in depth.

Check the mini map on the top right corner to know exactly the directions and the next target you need to achieve. Tap on the area you would like to go to on the mini map to move your character to that area.

On the mini map, quest icons pop up where quests are available. You may view the mini map by tapping on the related icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.

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