Badland Brawl was created and published by “Frogmind” company and it is available on the Android and IOS stores to be downloaded and played for free.

In terms of the graphics, the game is packing some advanced graphics engine that will blow up your mind. Of course it is not that high, but still very pleasing to the eyes on the long run. Do not forget to cover your needs from gems by using the Badland Brawl cheats for free.

Main Introduction.

Welcome to Badland Brawl! Let’s brawl right away! Your main goal is very clear at the starting scene. You are supposed to do whatever it takes and use the given resoruces to destroy the enemy tower.

And by speaking about the given resoruces, that would be taking us into a whole new story and you must put enough time in reading our Badland Brawl guide carefully, as it will clarify the main components of the game and help you to know how to utilize the given items.

Your tower is standing right in front of the enemy tower, and you will be given energy points over time. Each attack you are applying will result in a decrease of the energy points.

The stronger the attack the higher energy points will be consumed in order to be activated. And we have to remind you about the battle system. It is a turn based game.

Playing Technique.

The most innovative idea about the game is the aiming and shooting system. It is actually not that random and requires some skill level from you to be able to play it.

Learning how to shoot properly by pulling the trigger backwards and releasing at the right moment is the art that everyone should be looking for.

Following our Badland Brawl tips is a very crucial thing you must be doing if you are planning to climb the leading boards ladder.



Receive Great Rewards for Winning Battles.

Winning battles will grant you with some great rewards, of course the experience points are taking part of this reward section. Advance in level by gaining higher experience points than anyone could ever expect.

Getting help from the Badland Brawl cheats would simply make your mission much easier as well. Your attacking monsters or tools, call it whatever you want, they will gain experience points as well and advance in levels.

The higher level your attacking items are, the stronger they will be and they would be dealing much higher damage. This will also result in competing with stronger enemies and reducing the combat duration.

Offline training Is Available.

Since this is an online game, then the internet connection is something you must have to play it. Still, you may enjoy some of its minor features in the offline mode.

They have added the offline system mainly to help the beginners to train or maybe the pros to learn new techniques and reach some outstanding levels. And once you combine the right skills with Badland Brawl hack, things will start to get out of control.

Final Conclusion.

Advance from one land to another and each one will pack a harder and stronger challenge ahead. So you must be ready for any surprise and have enough gems through Badland Brawl hack.

The eggs you are collecting form wining battles will require special care from you to get it grow bigger. You may skip out the waiting periods of anything by spending gems, but we would recommend you to use the gems wisely.

Eggs usually will provide you with attacking weapons to improve your party remembers. Adding new advanced technologies to your collection is something that will earn your trophies on the long run. Our final thoughts on the game: a very addictive game and it is an ideal pick for the fans of the famous angry birds, but this game is bringing something new to the table.

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