After the famous Ragnarok, everything has fallen into ruins and chaos. But the world has been waiting for the savior whom is going to bring back the peace and balance into this world. Are you ready to defeat out the demons and bring justice back?

Get the necessary help from our Barkost RPG hack, cheats, tips and guide and restore the peace back to the earth.

Barkost RPG was created and published by “Barkost Studio” and it is available to be played freely on almost any Android or IOS platform so far.

The Art of Class Selection.

Let’s head directly into the class selection and try to give you the right idea about each class available, so you would be picking up the most suitable character for your journey.

Warrior: this is going to be our first class that we are going to take care of, the real name is Huge. Race is Human. Type melee. The main attacking ability is having the highest health points among all the other creatures at the game, and he is very talented in fleeing, stunning and dealing great damage from the short range, these are the advantages. Moving to the disadvantages, this class is very weak against the ranged opponents and will not survive a minute against a wizard or a ranger. The attack speed is very low and the opponent will find enough time to escape the hit coming right at them.

Only pick this class if you are looking for high defense character that is able to survive for longer periods at the battlefield, and can always become the frontline during the battle phase.

Keep Your Distance from Your Foes.

Next class we got here is the Ranger.

Ranger: her real name is Iruna, race: Demon. Ability: this class is very strong and talented at the long ranged battles, so always keep your distance from your foes as they will come in rage at you trying to break the distance, but that is when your main ability will shine. The high critical attack, which means that each single hit from you, will simply take down anyone suddenly.

The main cons of the class are the low defense, and once it enters a melee combat this means that you are dead instantly and no one will be able to save you in this life.



The Most Selected Class in RPG Games “Wizards”.

Last but not least class is the wizard, real name: Lucia. Race: Bloody Elf. Type: Range. The main ability is the very high magical attacking skills, this is another talented class in ranged battles, but it is very weak in melee combats, also the range is not as high as the ranger. This is well known for its massive area of effect with its skills. Pick this class if you are a fan of the magical skills and would love to deal huge damage to groups of monsters.

Starting Basics.

Now, we have covered all the available classes, and only the controlling system is remaining for you to become fully aware of the basics. Pick up a right name that is appropriate.

Move around in the city using the directional pad that is located right at the bottom left corner, and to know your exact destination, access the quests from the quest icon to know exactly your mission in here. if things are not clear enough for you, remember that you can access the chatting system and start talking with the players around you ask them for help.

Final Words.

By reaching this point so far, we are pretty sure that you are fully aware of the basics of the game, and ready to progress on your own, but there is few information that are missing. First choose between two types of dungeons here. the Raid Dungeon, as you will have to defeat boss monster in each dungeon to receive rewards. Second thing is the importance of Barkost RPG hack, cheats, tips and guide for your success in this journey.



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