Gotham city is in danger again and this time all the villains are free and the only hope is batman and Bruce Wayne to fight them and bring gotham city to safe again, through the newest chapter of the famous game batman the enemy within by “telltale inc.” the game is defined as adventure game and its available for both android and IOS devices, inspired by the famous batman trilogy the dark knight, you will get through the story lines and try to solve many mysteries and puzzles that the enemies left behind them to know how to stop them and catch them to make gotham safe again, also you will have to solve the gruesome puzzles to save his prisoners from his hands and know how to catch him and destroy him, through many adventures and characters who will help you or fight you, you will put an end to crime in gotham by helping Bruce Wayne and batman, and through many adventures that the game will take you through 5 parts full of adventures, you will get addicted to the game and to help batman, as the game is unique of its style, so let’s talk about batman the enemy within tips and know more about batman the enemy within hack.

Great Design for Great Story.

The game designs are very great, from the design of terrains, buildings, streets and characters, all are sharp edged and very well deigned, and you will be able to see every character in full details from his toes to the head, and also the costumes and items are well made, and all of this had the best visuals and effects like character talking and moving and the interact between items and characters and the effects of everything, so the result was a great game design and satisfying the eye when it is played, and the more you play will be the more you will see new visuals as there is no repeated visuals or designs and you will find that all the characters are different in manners and designs, the game interface have no buttons or windows to make you get deep into the game crisis and enjoy it, the controls are by swiping and not by fixed buttons so you will be able to see all of the screen, and through the choices you make you will make Bruce move and advance through the game.

The sounds of the game are very good and the character talking is very clear and make you focus and get more into the game and understand it more, so it is very well made from all f the sides.

Your Batman, Your Choice.

You will play the game as Bruce Wayne and batman, so all your choices will affect the game story, and as you play the game you will have plenty of choices to choose from you, and you have to take your decision quickly as every decision have limited time to choose from, and as you play you will choose also who you will interact with, and the choices will make you advance through the game but every choice will take you to different side of the story, the story choices are not changeable as you will advance by them and no way to get back, so you will have to choose wisely to get what you want, and through different buttons that appear when you need them you will get the right to interact through the game, so it is not just choices game as you will interact too with the characters, and as you advance through the game you will be able to upgrade your items and equipment, or you can use batman the enemy within cheats and get all the updates for free and with many more benefits through it.



Many puzzles and Mysteries.

Through many puzzles and mysteries you will have to solve them to know how to catch these villains and to bring peace to gotham again, starting from the Riddler’s gruesome puzzle and to the mysteries of other villains and you will have to solve each mystery and puzzle separately to know where are their next attack and to stop them and fight their men till you catch them and kill them or just send them to the police, and through the game you can get hints by using batman the enemy within cheats and get hints for the game play and how to solve these puzzles easily.

The Joker is Back!

Suddenly john doe is free and back and he is looking for taking revenge, so who will have the last laugh? Through the episode of the joker you will find new challenges as he will be looking to attack you and not just the city like the last time, so he gathers and manage all the villains under his command and through his madness he will break gotham, so you have to be smart and know how to catch him and not one of his crew, and through heave alliances with the joker,, you will have to break those alliances first, and as you play you will help and upgrades to break those alliances, so you can use batman the enemy within cheats and get all of the upgrades and hints for free and with no cost.

Batman or Bruce?

Through the game you will play as batman or as the billionaire bruce wayne, and as you play both of the characters you will be masked as them to look for villains, so in some levels you will choose which mask you will wear, and through others you will start with certain one, so you will get through the character and act normal and choose the right choices that will keep you undercover to accomplish your missions, and to know what are the best responses and choices you can use batman the enemy within cheats and get hints and upgrades to help you stay covered and know how to play every episode.



All Against You.

The villains have planned to destroy you first before destroying gotham, so you have to discover this dark plot and know how destroy them first before they can reach you and destroy you, and through many fights against the villains and their alliances you will get to know how to reach the and destroy you first, but remember that no one is with you except your loyal servant and little other people, so don’t trust anyone as they could turn against you, you can use batman the enemy within hack and know who is with you and who is against you.

Batman the Enemy Within Hack.

As the game most of it by choices and don’t need coins and this stuff, but you will need to upgrade your suite and get hints for the game to finish it faster and know which choose is the right one that will finish the episode faster and with no trouble, so you can use batman the enemy within hack and get all of the hints for free and with no purchases, also it will unlock all of the stages for you and get all the upgrades you need for your suite and items, and through batman the enemy within hack you can get all of the packages for free and with no external purchases, and also it will disable ads and allow you to play the game free without any annoying.

Batman the enemy within hack don’t need rooted device or jail braked one and it is safe and won’t affect your device performance through the gameplay or harm your device.

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