Always aim to become the number one when it comes to the horseback archery challenges. Live the thrill of this upcoming great challenge and earn yourself a decent place in the worldwide global ranking. Get the Battle of Arrow cheats to cover up all your needs without having to pay a single penny.

Battle of Arrow was created and published by “fourthirtythree” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

General Instructions for Beginners.

Before you get dragged through the main gameplay screen, we would recommend you to use the Facebook login option at the main menu. You may activate it directly with a single tap on the Facebook icon at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Having your data backed up is one of the most crucial parts of the game. We always advise our Battle of Arrow guide readers to do such a step at the very beginning.

You may also have the ability of linking two OCPT devices together, but personally we did not put this feature under test, so the results or the stability levels are a little bit off the point.

Choose from Two Genders Available.

You may create two heroes in this game, the female and male one. At the creation menu, you will never get to know any information about the available characters and that is simply a very stupid way of introducing the different characters to you in the game so far.

We will try to give you some advanced Battle of Arrow tips to keep moving forward. And we are starting now!

When you are about to create your first character and choosing up a name. Make sure that you are doing it perfectly, as the name cannot be changed and you will have to create a new character from the beginning, if you ever wanted to get a new one.



Meet Your New Combat Instructor.

Incoming headshots force you to release the bowstring and this is called disruption. This was a quick tip for you before we get into the real training session.

Funathor is going to become your combat instructor. He is going to teach you how to shoot arrows while riding a horse. But first you need to learn how to ride a horse.

Of course, you should not be worried about the gears you are going to use as the Battle of Arrow cheats will be handling this part for you. So we would love to delay talking about this part to some advanced sections.

Change The Viewing Angels.

The camera moves in the direction you tilt your device to. Move your device and place the crosshairs in the center of the screen over the character.

You can always reverse the tilting directions in the settings > controls menu, (Menu on the upper side of the screen >settings > controls > flip horizontally). But we believe that the default settings will fit your playing style.

Apprentice training ground is the place where you will get to test out everything we have just thought you about. And now, you are only missing the idea about Battle of Arrow hack and how it is going to change your entire destiny in the game so far. Keep reading to learn more.

How to Deal Higher Damage?

Let go of your reins and grab your bow, do not worry about hitting your target in the training session. This is not your main concern. Just draw your bow and let that arrow fly!

Now, in order to deal the maximum damage your bow can do. We will mention two ways for you. The first one is to upgrade the entire set of weapons you are using via Battle of Arrow hack.

The second way is the technique. Pull the bowstring as far as you can to inflict greater damage. It will consume more time but the damage will be worth it eventually.

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