You will be taking charge of a complete team in this adventurous journey waiting for you ahead in the Aeon world. Work on increasing your attributes and having a complete team that is ready to unleash their anger and powers upon their foes.

An internet connection is needed to play the game, it must be stable and solid to dodge any further disconnection in the middle of the combats. There are tons of types of heroes to be used in there, you will find demons and angels in the hero’s pool. So the decision is coming back to you to have the perfect match up.

Battle of Heroes was created and published “8elements Asia Pacific Ltd” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on any Android or IOS platform. There are specific requirements to run the game, and that is a big turn off as we have suffered to get it started to do our review on the game. But when we speak about the graphics part, we have to mention how decent it is when compared with other games. It is not very high neither too low, still a decent gameplay waiting for you ahead.

Outstanding Storyline.

The people of aeon were living in peace and there were no troubles bothering them out at all. But something has happened out of the blue as the evil demon has come and invaded their lands and spread the chaos and destruction in every corner. This could be sad news for the normal civilians, but actually this shall become a good news for you, as this will be your chance to shine and prove your worthy.

As you are aware of the storyline of the game, the time has come to dive deeper into the smallest details inside and give you a quick vision on the gameplay. Reading our Battle of Heroes guide will allow you to become full aware of these principles.

Tap on any part of the screen to start your journey. And now the time has come to choose between several login options inside. We have got the Servers of Battle of Heroes, Facebook and the Gmail as well. If you are not concerned with any of these options above, then head directly to use the guest login feature and it has several benefits and disadvantages, read the below segment to learn more about the game.



Choose Between Four Different Options to Login to The game.

Speaking more about the login features and how will they benefit your gameplay. The cloud saving servers are there to keep all your data progressing files stored in safe place.

This is an option to help you with storing every progress that you have achieved so far away from any possible threat. So you will no longer be worried about the data files facing the destruction fate due to losing the device or any other possibility.

Feel free to download the game on any new device and continue right from the moment you have stopped. And do not forget to check for new updated files to be added to the game, it will check continuously for new updated files. It will help you to improve the gameplay and fixing the common glitches. You as well should be reporting the latest bugs in the game to the development team to fix it as soon as possible.

Now let’s leave everything behind and head directly into the gameplay and how the starting scenes are going to be like in there. getting Battle of Heroes cheats will simply modify your dominating chances significantly.

Movement and Combat Basics.

The opening scene is going about the Storm breaker Yazan character; she will discover something wrong as she will sense some sort of disturbance. She still does not believe that the demons are back into our world, as the last demon was there has been over few centuries. And that is when your introduction to the game controls shall begin.

The movement is very simple, use the virtual analog on the bottom left corner to move the character around. And now the time has come to your first combat. Use the attack button on the opposite side of the analog to defeat the enemies.

There are several types of attacks in the game, the regular ones will deal lower damage but it will be fast enough to be repeated over time. There is no place for the cool down state when it comes to the normal attack.

Of course the special attacks will deal massive damage and have very interesting animations when they are activated. Increase your damage with Battle of Heroes cheats and this service is totally free.

One thing you should never ignore is your health bar located on the top left corner. Make sure that you have your health points at their maximum state possible. Once it reaches the zero number you will be doomed and drop down dead.



Start Your Rescuing Mission Right Away!

You must not stall and eliminate all the threats in the town as fast as possible before they start spreading. Show no mercy towards them, especially the ones whom are stronger their other friends.

Some demons will be called bosses, they will have much higher health points and also the damage is not compared with the regular demons. You must fear them out and equip yourself through Battle of Heroes cheats to become strong enough for the upcoming challenges.

Activate your special skill to deal massive damage to the enemies. All the options we have mentioned earlier are the basics of the game but we are still missing the most vital part which will be applied to you.

Select a hero to save Aeon from three different heroes each one of them will have his own special abilities, but also there are pros and cons in this section as well.

Gale Reaver Yazan: a swordsman wielding the wind to fight his foes. Follow his ancestor, Yazan set out to serve justice. More like into the melee combats and physical ones, but very low when it comes to the magical combats. But with the right gears from Battle of Heroes cheats, we will be making sure it is on the top form.

Overview of The Available Classes.

We will continue following our Battle of Heroes tips of the remaining classes and also do not forget to use the Battle of Heroes hack with whatever character you picking up from the list below.

Night Hunter Vera: a master of shadows who uses crossbow, Vera strikes fear into the heart of those lost to darkness. A very strong sharpshooter with the albite to take down the foes before even seeing her. Get stronger weapon to become lethal via Battle of Heroes hack.

Stormfury Joela: Many were fooled by Joelle’s beauty and merely testing their luck against a true force of nature. In other words, this is the main magician class in the game.

The class types are the attack, defense, magic, support and the universal which is well balanced and easy to use but hard to utilize perfectly. And of course nothing is hard with Battle of Heroes hack service.

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