One of the greatest game that was released by an Indonesian team, it is lacking the depth in the game story, but it is still a competitive game that is ready to become a hit in the upcoming few days. Do not forget to use our Battle of Heroes hack, cheats, tips and guide in order to get an access to unlimited resources.

Battle of Heroes was created and published by “8Elments” company and it is simply available for free download from the Android and IOS stores.


A classic game, that has nothing unique actually to be mentioned at the start here, but it is expected to bring new feature and surprises as you progress through the game story, and that is exactly what we will be starting with here. the game story my friends.

The story begins, with the Demon lord burst forth, plunging Aeon into the last war. Until they came! The heroes of the Aeon, gathered around together in order to put an end for this Demon Lord, are you ready to take part in such a scary mission, maybe we should call it a suicide mission!

Before you take out the demon lord, there are many things you should learn at the start, and that tis going to become our main focus point here. we shall begin by illustrating the basics of the game and try to make it simple as possible for new players. Keep reading the following segments.

Basic Controls.

As most of the classic games out there at the market, they didn’t decide to bring anything new or unfamiliar to the users. So they we can actually say thank you for being normal. At the left bottom corner, you can access the movement pad, and yes we forgot to mention that is recommended to play the game with both of your hands for optimal experience.

Move along the shown on the character, as it will be leading you directly to your mission target, but that is way too early to speak about, as we shall be taking the missioning system under the scope. For now, you should be fully aware of the controls positons.



Battle System.

They have decided to become once more just normal and they have added nothing strange with the controlling system including the battle modes. Expect to find the waves system waiting for you, but the game didn’t leave you alone at all, as you will be given the right to use very strong and effective special skills.

They could be found right at the bottom right corner, combined with the normal attacks. You might be wondering what will be the need for the normal attacks here, but the fact is that each time a special skill will be activated, there will be consequences. That is what you are going to learn on the next segment.

How to become A Pro?

Each special skill will move right into the cool down state once it has been activated, and that is not the only thing, there will be also a consumption from your mana points. Right from this point we can offer you to use the Battle of Heroes hack, cheats, tips and guide as it will be getting you an access to upgrade your character powers and gears, which means that your special skills shall deal more severe damage, and that is simply resulting in a decrease of your usage amount of them.

Final Conclusion.

The game is not fully in English, but we are expecting the English version to be released soon, and when we move to the graphics part, we can assure you that this game will satisfy your needs, it is not recommended for the ones whom are looking for very high quality of 3D rendering, but it is still has decent tough, no pixels shown and the effects of the special skills, totally on the point. We can recommend it for you.

The game sounds are not the best, yet they are not that bad, it is average and we do not recommend you to use headphones whilst playing it.


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