Live the dream of becoming a real leader whom will be taking the destroyed kingdom into a mysterious journey to become one of the strongest kingdoms in the realm. A huge challenge is waiting for you ahead so using the Battle Kingdoms cheats would be a wise decision.

Battle Kingdoms was created and published by the famous gaming company “Snail” and it is available to be downloaded and played through any Android or IOS platform.

This is an old game, so the requirements needed to run are very low. You can enjoy the textures but they are not as sharp as any medical game would be.

Main Storyline.

The year is 915. England is ravaged by war. Local rulers fight for power and the heathen Danes pillage our shores. The Picts of the north grow bolder each day. Harassing our armies and raiding our settlements.

England needs a ruler to unite her people under one banner and to banish these dark times. That was the main story of the game briefly, but there are tons of surprises and challenges waiting for you ahead. You can learn more in this regard by reading our Battle Kingdoms guide and pay close attention to the secret tricks.

Create Your Character.

As we have illustrated earlier that you are main goal is to lead the armies through a tough challenge and unite the desperate armies of the United Kingdom. Therefore, creating this leader is a necessary part and the game is offering you the chance to take this mission right from the scratch.

All the details of the character is simply customizable as you can modify the appearance with even the smallest details. Pick up a name that is too short and still can be recognized easily.

Part from the series of Battle Kingdoms tips we will be giving out for our readers, you should aim to make the leader look sharp and determined to give the enemies the right message in the battle!



Several Ways to Increase Your Resources.

With the death of your father and brothers, you now control the realm and these are urgent matters to attend to. This was the main instruction by the assistant of the kingdom that has been the right hand of the king.

The kingdom is falling into complete chaos and destruction, and that will be taking us into something very tough. Rebuilding the town from the ruins with the help of Battle Kingdoms cheats is something you should reconsider.

Take Them From The Ashes To The Top.

As any other game, building new town and towers will require from you to have enough amount of resoruces. There are several ways to increase the income and we are recommending you to make the Battle Kingdoms hack as the main source for the income.

In addition, working hard and completing missions will result in rewarding you with the resources you need. Expand the territory to find some better places to gather the resoruces you need from is a smart thing that a good leader would do.

Start with the dam that will hold water back for now, but should the water level rise too high. The dam will break as a result, so raising a terrain behind it to make it strong enough is a recommended move.


Now that your town is protected from further flooding at the start, you may progress forward to build the residence for the people who lost their homes. Residences will provide you with workers, who can be assigned to various jobs within your town. Once assigned, they will work until they retire.

By reaching this point, we do believe that you have covered up all the necessary basic information about the game, and the Battle Kingdoms hack will take your playing levels into a completely new stage. You will be enjoying the challenge in the game and also inviting your friends to play it along would make it even more fun.

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