A game that has been on the pending list for ages has finally hit the stores now and you can take your role in. the war is going out of control and we have enjoyed every prospect of it.

Gather up a team from more than 300 different and unique hero. Each one of them is packing up his own agenda and powers to deploy into the field. We can also offer you the chance to see all of the game features unlocked and available right at your hand. Using the Battle Team cheats free will grant you this wish.

Battle Team was created and released by “VISUAL CUBE” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on any Android or IOS devices.

The graphics quality is cool and we have enjoyed every part of it. That is something you should bear in mind if you were using an old device or something. The game will not be as smooth as expecting.

Quick Starting Tips.

This is type of games that you have to connect to internet and get your things together. Maybe this is the right moment to read the Battle Team guide to its end.

First, the internet connection is necessary have thing to be able to get yourself connected to a game server successful. Creating an account is necessary do thing, since not all the online games are following the same sequence so skip out this part.

Login Options.

Remember that if you have decided to login as a guest, you are risking losing all the play data when you clear apps or access from other devices. That is exactly how the game is working and not only this game, the entire games on the store.

So in order to avoid such a thing from happening. You are supposed to use the Facebook or Gmail as login options for yourself and do not worry as they are not going to share anything related to your personal information. Find more interestingBattle Team tips down below.



First Mission Details.

It may take few minutes at the first start up to get the right files together into the place. Your assistant in the game is called “Old Servant”. Now you belong to the best of nova force, the real rulers of the planet, otherwise known as the UF group, have assigned you with this mission.

If you complete this mission, you will receive a very high reward as well as an all-inclusive south pacific vacation at a summer resort for 2 weeks. Of course, the reward is not high if you were using Battle Team cheats service.


A quick conversation will be going through different characters and you can tell that they are going to become your team members and knowing their pros and cons from the lines should be a smart thing to do.

Anyway, your team will be seeing a huge improvement once you get the Battle Team hack into action. In addition, we are recommending you to see it happening.

Since today is the operational area. Over there they have a huge auto motion weapon that has been on research and development for about 5 years now, a huge weapon is out of control now because the control system has some problems. In addition, the UF government wants you to destroy the weapon today!

Final Touches.

The crew will jump right into the plane and that is when the Robot will deploy you into the battlefield. Prepare yourself for all types of challenges and battles to take part over there, so using the Battle Team hack at the very early stage could be the right move.

Battle system is interesting and will kill the time exactly as promised. You will have a lot of fun controlling the heroes on the battlefield and paying close attention to every small detail.

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