This is an adventure game, it was created and published by “Kairosoft Co.,Ltd” the game was released on 11 Jun, 2015. Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices in order to start the expansion of your island, also using the Beastie Bay cheats will provide you with enough gold to construct all the needed buildings in no time.

Meet Your Assistant To Understand How The Game Works!

Once you start the game your assistant will start a dialogue with you, he will say Hello! I will be your assistant, I have been helping people develop deserted islands for 40 years now, ask me anything.Let’s develop Sunny Isle into an island renowned the world over! If you have any questions over the course of the game, select tutorial from the menu to understand how the game works, and also get extra and additional in formations about the game from our Beastie Bay tips we are going to mention here in the next titles.

Start The Expansion Of Your Island To Explore More!

In this survival adventure sim, you explore a mysterious island while befriending beasts you encounter along the way, as you break new ground, you can develop the island freely, washed ashore a mysterious island, you set out to explore it end to end, with the help of feral friends you make along the way, defeat or tame beasts that attack as you push onward, start by finding and reliable allies, you will eventually be able to purchase gear and develop new tools to aid you in a grand adeventure spanning islands around the world, if you contribute to the safety of other islands, their residents may visit your island and spend gold there, aim to develop your island into a world class resort, and make sure to read our Beastie Bay guide to totally understand the game before you even start it.

Construct The Different Buildings That Will Provide Food And Lumber!

First you will want to select build from the menu and build a home for your ally, after tapping on the build button, click on the house from the Facil option, now a human will be living here, if there are trees or fields within the green border, the occupant can harvest food there, try to place field or lumber mills adjacent to houses, keep in mind that any kind of food can be found nearby of your area, you will not follow that person tap him or her again to see detailed info,

Defend Yourself With The Many Weapons Available In The Game!

That’s a weapon or piece of armor for a beast to equip, you can only equip one weapon, but can equip as many other kinds of equipment as you have slots, and there is a survival gear that should prove useful to island life, if you find a lab, you will be able to research new gear, in the combat phase, use the allies strategically, commanding them to attack or use special skills, item usage and formation changes each use up a turn, using auras can give you an edge in battle, auras phase is taking damage charges allies combat gauges until they can activate an aura, this happens more quickly with some character types than others, certain skills can also accelerate this, and using the Beastie Bay cheats will provide you with the different weapons to use on each combat.

Unlock The New Features By Using The Beastie Bay Hack!

There a lot to work on in this game such as:

1-HP: ally incapacitated if HP runs out.

2-MP: required for special skills.

3-Attack: affect damage inflicted.

4-Defense: affect damage taken.

5-Speed: affects order of attack.

6-Work: affects harvesting speed.

In order to increase all of these stats you will need to exert more efforts in the game, and using the Beastie Bay hack will allow you to increase all of these stats in no time to become stronger and unbeatable, also keep in mind that other people residing on your island can contribute to construction and harvesting, the higher civilization level of someone’s house, the better the effect on the harvest, so also using that will increase the civilization on your island.


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