Start exploring the new world in its brand-new form, music and beats are your guide in this journey follow them and start jumping over any obstacles you facing, and make sure you are defeating out all your enemies and reach the final line as the first among them! And in order to achieve your goals at the game, you will need to become the first of all time so upgrade your car and gears using the Beat Racer cheats as it will be providing you with the required amount of coins for free.

The game was created by “LILA SOFT” and it is available to be downloaded for free on IOS or Android Devices.

Game Summary.

In this game you are not only there to collect beats, there are many other things such as avoiding and dodging obstacles, so once you face one make sure you are jumping over it or you will crash and die, once you crash you will be automatically starting all over again from the begging but that is varying depending on the game mode you are playing in.

And now since we have covered the most game basics we know about the game, the time has come for extra Beat Racer tips that could become a help in the incoming battles at the tracks.

Use Headphones for The Best Experience.

It is recommending to use the headphones whilst playing the game for the maximum level of experience, start driving the world of beats to complete all the music, and now let’s jump right into the game controls and simplify them to you, start swiping to the left side of the screen in order to collect beats, and the same applies to the other side of the street, start swiping to the right side in order to collect them beats as well.

You can always change the controlling mode from the settings menu anytime you wish it is not a big deal, since some people do not prefer the swiping thing and they actually prefer the virtual buttons more so the game developers have added this feature to the game, keep reading the Beat Racer guide for more information about the game.

Eliminate Your Challengers Off the Scene.

You can start executing attacking moves to the racers on the same track with you, but in order to do such a thing you must be obtaining a weapon first, you can obtain weapons via collecting beats so keep your eyes on the left top corner of the screen as it indicates the weapon charging level and when it is ready to be executed, and now we shall move to the part where we will let you know how exactly you can attack the enemy.

Make sure your car is aligned with his car and you both are kind of close to each other, then swipe down instantly and watch him going off the records by miles.

Methods TO Increase Your Powers.

There are several ways to increase your powers in the game and even the weapons you are using them, the main one is via Beat Racer cheats that can be obtained easily as it will start providing you with the necessary coins needed to apply upgrades to your car and weapons you are using.

The Beat Racer Hack Shall Be Enhancing Up Your Gaming Experience with A Simple Click.

Keep in mind that gathering more attacking weapons will automatically make your attack much stronger and bigger, and never miss a beat since the beats are your life at the game!

But the beats types keep changing depending on the stage of the game, there are some beats that will significantly boost up your weapon charging coins, use the Beat Racer hack for the insurance of reaching the highest upgradable level of the weapons you are using, also it will be simply improving the car performance such as speed and how it handles the lanes swapping. So make sure you are clicking on the link above and watch the magic happens.


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