Get All The Resources By Obtaining The Beauty and the Beast Timeless Match Cheats!

This is a puzzle game, it was created and published by “Disney Electronic Content Inc” the game was released on 6 March, 2017.

Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices and enjoy matching the gems together to get all the resources you need to decorate your castle and attract more people to it, also using the Beauty and the Beast Timeless Match cheats will provide you with unlimited amount of resources that will help you progress in the game and also will help you get the highest score ever made in the game, and finally will help unlock the different achievements of the game.

Learn How To Solve The Different Puzzles By Following The Game Instructions!

Looks like the staff is sleeping on the job, lets wake them up! All you need to do in this game is to collect gems and to do that you need to match 3 or any number of gems with the same color, so this game has an easy and simple game controls so its going to be easy to become the first at the score board, and to do so make sure to read all of our Beauty and the Beast Timeless Match tips we are going to mention in the next titles to understand the game well before you even start it.

Learn How To Match The Different Gems Together!

This is the time to learn how to play the game so follow the in game instructions and our Beauty and the Beast Timeless Match guide to learn how the game controls of the game, the first lesson is swap gems to make a match and release their magical energy!

The first level of the game asks you to match 10 purple gems, so this is going to be your first goal, after completing the first levels you are going to be rewarded with some resources to help you progress easier in the game.

Decorate Your Castle And Attract More People To It!

Lumiere, don’t you admire their hard work? Oui cheri! That was as excellent as my plumette is lovely! And she is very lovely!

There is something about this place that keeps people coming back, maybe you can help find something to help freshen up the place? Enchantment is everywhere in this place, isn’t it? Now star decorating the place to keep attracting people to the place, and by placing the first thing you will get admired by the workers and will say to you such exquisite taste! You should decorate the entire castle, now start the decoration on your own taste and place the different chairs, paintings and chandeliers and finally to get all these you can always get the extra help by getting the Beauty and the Beast Timeless Match cheats.

Use The Boosters To Help You Progress In The Game Faster!

Keep in mind that the game provides you with some boosters to help you progress easier in the game and to easily become the first of the score board, these boosters will help you match gems easily and large amount of them in no time, there are also some boosters that will double your score, so finally work hard to activate such boosters before you enter any level.

Put Your Hands On The Beauty and the Beast Timeless Match Hack To Unlock New Features!

If you cannot progress in the game, and you cannot get the enough items and furniture to attract more people to the castle, you can always use the help of the Beauty and the Beast Timeless Match hack to get provided with all the resources you are going to need to build and decorate the castle you have always wished to build, also using that will help you get and unlock more boosters to help you progress in the game much easier than before.


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