The time has come to step up the challenge and enter one of the most promising open world games in the mobile industry. Enjoy the amazing graphics combined with the realistic part as you will be experiencing the real life in the big cities, but this time you will be taking control over it, with the help of our Big City Life Simulator hack, cheats, tips and guide for free.

Big City Life Simulator was created and published by “CactusGamesCompany” and it is available to be played and downloaded freely on almost any Android or IOS device.

Realistic Gameplay That Will Blow out Your Mind.

As the game begins, you will find the first mission very simple as there will not be any sort of complications, all you have to do is pass the driving test and prove yourself as a trust worthy driver. Jump right into the taxi as it will take you right away to the driving school to improve the driving skills of yours.

But we do not want to rush into the missions and how they look at the starting of this review, we would rather to give our readers a quick view over the type of the game that they are about to play in.

This is an open world game, or in other words, we can say this is a smaller version of the famous “grand theft auto” game but the features and the options which are available for you inside, are very similar plus the realistic part is very clear. They have been trying to make this game as realistic as possible, that is a good move from the developers. Coming up on the other segments, we shall be speaking more about the missions and features, plus adding optimal shortcuts to gain power and strength

Quick Info.

As we have mentioned earlier that the game is taking place in a virtual world, but all the facilities that you would see in real life, would be simply found here. so getting back to where we stopped at the first mission, head directly into the driving school. Interacting with the missions could be done by simply standing in the highlighted area. But this should take us into the controls and UI of the game.



Simple Yet Impressive UI.

Let’s begin with the movement section as this is the most used buttons. On the bottom left corner you can see a directional pad that allows you to roam around freely in 360 degrees. On the other side, there will be an option to change the viewing angels of the character, whether you want to look from third person view or any other mode, there are like four different angels available.

Right next to the camera button, you will find a toggle between walking or running, if you are in a rush, you can always enable the running mode.

Keep an Eye Over Your Statues!

There are three indicators at the top left corner right next to the radar. This radar or in a form of a map is there to show your exact location in the city, and it will also help you to reach your missions locations. This is a very common feature that we got to find in almost every game.

What is new here is the Hunger, Energy, and Mood bars. These are something that we didn’t expect to find in a game that is playable on the mobile devices. You need to always keep an eye over this part to know exactly when your character is going to crush down from the hunger, or even if you ran out of the energy, you would start looking for a bed right away.

Final Conclusion.

This is a very realistic game, and that is what we are enjoying the most about it. Just make sure that you are not pissing the police on the streets off, and save money to be able to afford purchasing a new house if possible, and once you get out Big City Life simulator hack, cheats, tips and guide. We are pretty sure that you will be able to afford anything.


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