They have created this game in order to deliver the boxing experience to the low-end device users. The graphics quality is weird and the entire gameplay is more like bugged in some sort of ways. However, you will be enjoying it if you give it a chance though.

From our prospect, we have decided to enhance the experience as well. So we are giving to the users the Big Shot Boxing cheats service. It will be granting you tons of resources free and of course unlocking the remaining game features.

Big Shot Boxing was created and published by “Brad Erkkila” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms right away.

A cartoonish game following a path of a very low quality so we are not expecting things to look any different when it comes to the lagging and stuttering parts. Any device can be capable of running it, and we are not advising high end users to download it at all. There are much better options.

Quick Intro.

There are not any sort of unnecessary introductions at this game, and maybe this is what is making it unique and simple. Start your first fight by tapping on the quick fight button through the main menu. In addition, if you thing that you have the time and quality. Then go through a very interesting career mode. Reading Big Shot Boxing guide is one hell of a job.

A Very Interesting Achievement System.

The achievements list is long and it is consisting out of tons of different and unique things. We thought that we might give you a look over the most common ones and provide the readers with the necessary Big Shot Boxing tips to get through them.

  • Win five fights.
  • Win 10 fights
  • Win the world title at novice level
  • Win the novice title without losing
  • Win the world title at pro level
  • Win the pro title with JesusSanchez
  • Have 40 fights in a career
  • Defend the novice title 5 times
  • Defend the pro title 5 times
  • Defend the novice title 10 times.



Become A Pro In No Time.

We have been talking previously on the different types of achievements and we might be progressing now into something else. The game is giving the users the freedom to choose between different difficulties.

Therefore, we are talking about being a novice or a pro. Of course, you should start through the starting minus of the gameplay at the novice level. That is not what am expecting from you…using Big Shot Boxing cheats will help you to at the basic stuff and moving into pro would only mean a matter of time.

How to unlock New Fighters?

Picking the fighter will require from you to have a set of career points. Since each fighter will have his own set of pros and cons.

We are talking here about heath points, power, and chin and recover rate. All of these factors are determining the strength and powers of the fighter and showing you the ability to get him unlocked.

The career points can be obtained through winning matches and progressing forward but the Big Shot Boxing hack will save you the time and flood your account with number of career points you desire.


Let us start with the jab; the jab is not a power punch. Use it to push your opponent back and make space for your own punches to land right over him. This technique must be done correctly and at the right moment to achieve the greatest results out of it.

The next thing to do after landing a jab is the right cross punch. This is a good fast power shot. Good for countering and catching a stunned opponent. In addition, if you have the right fighter from Big Shot Boxing hack, your hits will become a nightmare!

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