Blackmoor 2 was created and published by “Four Fats” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

The gameplay is very intensive and will hook you up in no time. The storyline has many difficulties, so we have loved this game from the first sight. In addition, having the Blackmoor 2 cheats by your side will enhance the experience in general…

Quick Intro

The introduction to the game is very pleasant and exciting, and that is not very different from the main UI.

You can access the three social media accounts from the top left corner of the screen. Sharing your latest progression on the Facebook to brag about it among your friends. It could also work as an invitation tool to let them jump in and become your competitors.

Reading our full set of Blackmoor 2 tips could become your ideal startup plan to move forward and achieve great things.

Choose From 3 Amazing Modes

There are three available modes to choose from, each one of them is coming with its own unique features and challenges. Before entering any mode of them, remember to have the Blackmoor 2 cheats service by your side for better results.

  • Story: it will take you through a sequence of events and the dialogues will impress you even more. Live the thrill and enjoy every moment in this mode.
  • Dungeon: it was meant only for hunting random monsters and practicing your skills. It is cool for collecting goods and enhancing your armors.
  • Multi: playing with your friends and other players from all over the world with one tap.

These were the available modes and a quick brief about their contents. We will cover them in depth down below alongside the importance of Blackmoor 2 cheats.




Dear friends, an ancient evil has awoken once more…a Quest, you must complete! A century ago, our world was engulfed in death and darkness under the command of a powerful dark lord and his creatures of the damned.

It took everyone, everything and a handful of fabled first heroes to banish his soul to the underworld. Unfortunately, fragments of the dark lord were never destroyed as necromancers forged a talisman to restore him to flesh.

It took a band of crusaders and much sacrifice to steal the talisman. They entrusted it to a warrior named Duberry with a quest to have it destroyed. Dubberry’s quest too him as far as a portal where he could destroy the talisman…he was never shown again!

To fix the current situation, we do believe that the Blackmoor 2 hack could hand you the necessary goods and supplies for the journey.

How to Pick Your Hero?

There are several characters in the game and each one is coming with its own unique and powerful skills. Of course, you can upgrade their abilities with Blackmoor 2 hack, but that is a side option.

  • Gladius: an old, righteous hero who rid the world of evil decades ago. Questions if he still has the eye for battle or not.
  • Bolo: more muscles than anyone dares to count. Specializes in wrestling and clobbering people smaller than him.
  • GAX: a mysterious outlaw of the thief’s guild. His lightening reflexes and aggress are a match for even the biggest enemy.


There are another three main characters available to choose form, previously we have covered three. In addition, we would love to remind you with the importance of Blackmoor 2 hack effect on your journey.

  • SCARECROW: originally built as a training dummy for its master, the scarecrow learned to become more human over time.
  • Old Ben: once helped defeat the dark lord a century ago. Because of recent events, he is forced out of retirement.

Every character comes with its price, and there is a possibility of purchasing skins to make it look even better and have its unique look. It will not add that much of powers, it will only reflect on the look.

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