A very complicated game that can only fit the smart and dedicated players. If you are looking for a quick time killing game, then this one will not be your best option by any means. We are planning to create an optimal preview of the game by describing the main points of power and how to enjoy your time playing it.

Everything in the game is pretty much simple and organized but the idea of the gameplay itself is complicated and will only keep on getting harder. All you have to do is to simply construct your legendary blade and let it chase down your foes automatically, but as we have mentioned you are the one whom is going to do the crafting job on his own. The Blade Crafter cheats will help a lot in this regard and that is what we are planning to do on the next phase.

Blade Crafter was created and published by “Studio Drill” company and it is available to be downloaded and played through the Android and IOS platforms.

In terms of graphics, this game will be right on the bottom of the ranking table, but it will give you one hell of a challenge due to its high intensity. With the Blade Crafter hack, you might have higher chances of winning and progressing in the game.

Main Introduction.

This is going to become your first introduction to the game, and we will add the most important information and instructions we have gathered during the playtime to this Blade Crafter guide successfully.

So the first question should always be…are you ready to construct the best sword in the world? Let us start right away by constructing your first sword ever. You will never forget the first sword no matter what happens next, it will always remain stuck in your head.

The first sword will have no advances but it will cost 50 mana points. Enter the inventory location at the bottom. As you can construct and enhance weapons to do, the following tasks but you have to find the right materials in order to do any crafting job.

Our system of Blade Crafter tips will help you to locate the materials locations on the map easily, that is our target in the game at this point, and we are not planning to give up on it no matter what happens.



The Art of Materials Collecting.

Not everyone is talented at collecting materials from the fields; it will require a lot of hard work and dedication from you to achieve some great results.

By entering the field, you should know that this location would allow you to get the material you need for weapon constructing. Mine one copper ore and iron ore at the first mission for you there. At the land of riches. Tap the screen to increase your energy regeneration as well.

Your energy points can be seen at the bottom left corner and it has a maximum capacity, you can expand it by spending via Blade Crafter cheats and seeing it getting much bigger.

At the starting point, it will have a 10 slots of energy and each action you are doing related to the materials collecting it will be consuming 1 minute long to be restored once more and that is how it can be reduced.

Tapping reputedly on the screen at any point through the materials page and decrease the waiting period to regenerate the energy points once more.

Crafting weapons will take time as well, but at the first stages of constructing it will happen instantly, at the biggest bet it will take like 10 seconds.

Meet Your First Creation!

Congratulations, you have just constructed your first weapon, to test it out and see how strong it will be on the battlefield, head to the battleground from the main menu. Tap on the start the battle button to begin it right away. Advance forward in the game with the help of Blade Crafter hack and worry no more about your future.

Battles are completed automatically, however you can tap the sword to attack immediately and finish the battle quicker. Therefore, it is following the same system of the energy restoration we have had earlier.

Each enemy you are killing will reward you with experience points and gold coins depending on the enemy strength and powers. You can use a skill to receiver the weapon’s durability once it gets low from the longer periods at the battle.

Check the durability of the weapon by looking at the meter below the dagger. The skill should be used carefully as it will go into the cool down state for 2 minutes and that is long enough to leave you disabled on the battleground.

With the Blade Crafter hack, you will have higher chances to obtain some strong and solid weapons. It might be up normal for you, but next phases will have more details in this part.



Keep track OF Your Progression.

At the end of the battle you can see the final report.it will have the final stage that you have managed to reach successfully and the number of gold you have picked up and of course the defeated number of monsters.

Moving now to the options menu and with the available settings to be customize and enhance the gameplay in general.

If you are playing the game frequently and have been losing the battery life of your device, then enabling the battery saver feature might come in handy and provide you with all of these needs.

Changing the language to find the suitable language to play the game in will help you with understanding the general idea and the given quests comfortably.

Reporting a bug to the development team will only help with improving the gameplay experience, as they tend to patch up any discovered problem in the game as soon as possible. The Blade Crafter cheats might play a role in this part because it will help you to get past over the hardest obstacles.

Upgrade Your Main Attribute System.

It is very cool to get yourself involved with the achievements system and keep racing the given tasks to receive the gem rewards. Of course, they are very low when they are compared with the Blade Crafter hack ability, but it is good enough for any starter to put him on the track.

Checking on the daily quests should be done as well to boost up your daily gaming dose and give a meaning to the playing phase. Spending your money on upgrading your main items is a good idea in general, but we have to take you through a tour over the different attributes of the upgradable items.

However, before we head to the upgradeable items, you have to know that the Blade Crafter cheats will take you right to the top of the maximizing state.

Whetstone of magic will increase the attack damage in general by a decent percentage. Ring of death will increase the critical rate for each time being equipped. Necklace of judgment will increase the critical damage itself.

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